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Research paper on influenza vaccine

research paper on influenza vaccine

There was no evidence that the vaccine prevented more deaths in the influenza period than in surround time periods But much of the evidence for vaccine effectiveness from observational studies in seniors over 70 years of age is unreliable, and the. The US medical reports have revealed several factors that influence the decision by nurses to get the recommended vaccines. Yellow Fever - Yellow Fever research papers examine the viral disease that is transmitted by female mosquitoes and discuss the various symptoms. So how can the flu vaccine help prevent the lions share of the deaths when the association is more with ILI? Lets look at the data again.

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I asked if I was feeling under the weather if I could still get the shot and the answer was sure no problem. Definition of Terms Influenza : an infection caused by airborne bacteria that spread rapidly under uncontrolled environments and attack individuals respiratory system, causing breathing problem. Now, to answer a few common questions about influenza. Deaths from influenza and pneumonia had decreased by 90 before there was an idea to push for widespread vaccination. The collection method will involve the use of emailed questionnaires as the main source of primary data which will be majorly quantitative. Data collection procedure The data collection procedure will involve the use of questionnaires, observations and survey sampling. Although this virus first emerged with such a small death rate, it still continues to kill people to this day.

In this case, the research will take into consideration the characteristics and the structure of the population which in this case correspond to nurses and institutions. Smallpox Eradication - Smallpox Eradication research papers discuss the treatments and vaccines used to eradicate small pox in the Western hemisphere. In this technique, we select a sample from the sample unit such that all the individuals within the population have equal chances of being included for investigation. The samples will be selected independently in a way that any member selected has no effect on the next sample to be taken. The gap that exist here, the relationship between nurses getting influenza vaccines and institution fear of consequences, is the main motivating factor for this study. So if you have that you think you have the flu.

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Vaccines may have increased swine flu risk, ABC New Australia, March 5 2011. Aside from the 1918 flu pandemic the death rate continued to decline and reached about 20 to 25 per 100,000 by the early 1970s when there was the initial push for flu vaccines. There is not enough evidence to decide whether routine vaccination to prevent influenza in healthy adults is effective The results of this review seem to discourage the utilisation of vaccination against influenza in healthy adults as a routine public. The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. It couldnt be any simpler. A small infection by the influenza bacteria will lead into a widespread attack. Ebola Virus Outbreak - Ebola Virus Outbreak research papers examine the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa and the first outbreak in the United States. Such a defined platform of conducting research ensures that steps involved are précises and goal oriented. Its staggeringly complex, comprising at least 15 different interacting cell types that spew dozens of different molecules into the blood to communicate with one another and to do battle. You would expect that with an increasing vaccine coverage that the death rate would decline. Poland,.A., Tosh,., Jacobson,.M. CDCs model calculated an average annual 36,155 deaths from influenza associated underlying respiratory and circulatory causes.

These estimates, which provide the best available national estimates of the fraction of all winter deaths that are specifically attributable to influenza, show that the observational studies must overstate the mortality benefits of the vaccine.7 In a recent article Peter Doshi,. The level of applied research plan is subjected to the response the target population will be in a position to give. Influenza is a viral infection commonly spread by coughing of respiratory secretions. Health Care Workers Participation in Influenza Vaccination Programs. Health Science Journal, 4(3 142-148. Since these conventional methods have not been successful, professional bodies, non-governmental organizations and the government have formulated policies making it mandatory for HCPs to undergo influenza vaccination (Ivanov Blue, 2007,. Several setbacks have been observed and due to lack of enough bases for argument, the service providers link the lower response to individual decisions. A close investigation reveals negative response due to fear of consequences among institutions. Instrumentation The instruments to be used in the study must be organized and put in their correct places prior to the actual day of the research. Each year, US children aged 6 to 59 months experience high rates of hospitalizations, ED Emergency Department visits, and outpatient visits due to influenza. We need to come up with a model that clearly defines this relationship while making adjustments for further recommendations and implementation for the research findings. Aiello AE, Murray GF, Perez V, Coulborn RM, Davis BM, Uddin M, Shay DK, Waterman SH, Monto AS, Mask use, hand hygiene, and seasonal influenza -like illness among young research paper on influenza vaccine adults: a randomized intervention trial, Journal of Infectious Diseases, February 2010, vol. Some of the weaknesses revealed in this case points to lack of motivation, prevalent of fear, and other important barriers like negligence, lack of commitment, and impropriation of work ethics among nurses (Carman, Elder Wallace, 2000,.

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Moreover, a significant preventive effect of a product containing echinacea, propolis, and vitamin C on the incidence of respiratory tract infections was observed in children. 3, September 18 2003: United States,. The research must respect views of respondents and be strict to the questions research paper on influenza vaccine and objectives of the study. Chronic Illness and Ethnicity - Chronic Illness and Ethnicity research papers correlate race and ethnic heritage with medical health aspects of disease. In yet another study examining the flu vaccine in children under 5 years old for two seasons the authors found no benefit. The often stated 50 of senior deaths could be prevented by vaccination are incorrect and that belief has arisen out of a selection bias in previous studies. Thus, the motivational role of institutions in influencing nurses positively seems to be lacking. Mandatory, influenza, vaccination for Health Care Workers, research. Between 19, nchs data show an average 1348 flu deaths per year (range 257 to 3,006).18 So in actuality the number of lives lost to the flu by percentage is less than 1, and only a few were actually positively identified as the flu. We may be perversely setting ourselves up that if something really new and nasty comes along, that people who have been vaccinated may in fact be more susceptible compared to getting this natural infection.15 Confused? Influenza, also known as the flu, is a virus that infects the respiratory tract. Within each of those cells sit tens of thousands of genes whose activity can be altered by age, exercise, infection, vaccination status, diet, stress, you name.

TIV recipients had higher (5 times) risk of confirmed noninfluenza respiratory virus infection. The nurses are independent variables and their decision hardly relies on externalities, and institutions are dependent variables and their decisions can be endogenously influenced. Antigenic shift occurs only occasionally, but when it does large numbers of people or even entire populations have no antibody against the virus. And here is part of the problem what is the flu anyway? Lone Simonsen, PhD; Thomas. Based on this the conclusion was: evidence presented here points to influenza being a relatively rare cause of ILI and a relatively rare disease. The shorthand format will be vital for information recording since the information and data must be updated and for the purposes of making investigation clear and presentable. Australia: Delmar Cengage Delmar. I called my local pharmacy to find out who could get the shot.