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There will be blood essay analysis

there will be blood essay analysis

This scene also serves as a portrayal of hypocrisy. His fairy-tale of being a family-man falls apart. Plainview responds by blessing it himself. This could be symbolic of Plainviews current economic or social position. There are still many more things to discover in this film, which is really the Citizen Kane of our time not just cuz its fun to make that comparison, but because they are moral tales about falling from trying to achieve some form of godhood. When he meets Tilford of Standard Oil, Plainview flies into a fit, yelling over and over You dont tell me how to raise my family. Plainview can and will kill to achieve his ends. Plainview looks for blood to finish his loneliness in a manner that is rather pitiful. The film, there, will Be, blood by Anderson presents various themes among them capitalism, greed, hatred, revenge and godlessness. We also see a sequence in which Plainview drunkenly walks down a flight of stairs. We meet the character of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) deep below the ground in a mining shaft.

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The fire comes to be associated with Daniels burning ambition. W who Daniel adopts. This is done through the inviting opening scenes and the shots that depict solitary vegetation and deserted landscapes. After his winning of the oil contract of the union, he says that it was obvious for him to win. Plainview describes this lack of trust. Eli is often framed in tight shots with crowds and people around him. There, will Be, blood is a historical drama written and directed. He had said that there will be blood and this justifies the title of the film through this murder. Must be in his image, or there will be.W. T Anderson portrays the fall of a less than human anti hero that we ultimately feel sympathy for. Plainview cannot be described as a greedy man because greedy people value personal gains rather than values and people close to them. Analysis of There Will Be Blood 5).

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The ending is quite a sad one as Plainview tries to prove that he still possesses the power of speech, although it is evident that he is not happy. He strives to have there will be blood essay analysis the child resemble him. Unfortunately, the son suffers from deafness which is the last thing he could have expected. These white garments could be representative of religious imagery. Plainview does not succeed in his attempts to solve the loneliness he is going through. Plainview has lost all his power over his son, and cannot raise him in his own image. Despite this, visual language reveals a lot about Daniel. That his blood does not run in him. These lead to drive and success in the oil industry but also bring him a sense of loneliness that is evident throughout the film and eventually results in his final judgement. Oil rigs, pipelines, trains and cars are all portrayed as motifs within he film. After reading many reviews.T. Could be interpreted as derived from yhwh, the holy Hebrew name of God meaning. The film begins with a silent sequence and not a single word is said until roughly 20 minutes.

This is further evidence for Daniels God complex which puts the characters in direct conflict. In essence, Eli is like him, albeit without his skill and ruthlessness. There, will Be, blood " is an excellent example of classical Hollywood cinema narration. And yet, he continually offers sacrifices to the salvations due to his fate. The character of Henry is important due to the fact that Plainview places his trust in a person for the first time in the film. This ambition is visually revealed to us when Plainview climbs out of his mine and makes his way into town to sell his silver. This is God but in a person who is mortal. It is an interesting film to watch because in real life, many people have characteristics that resemble those of Plainview hence it is easy for them to identify with. He ruins every person who qualifies to be his blood, even though not necessarily family blood. Plainview admits to a deep seated hatred of humanity and his desire to be alone. W attempts to set the Plainview cabin on fire. Daniel does not necessarily seek wealth, but rather the satisfaction of winning.

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We will write a custom essay sample on There Will Be Blood specifically for you for only.05 11/page Learn more His son is a symbol of the God complex Plainview talks about. This God complex is important to the irony of the ending, and well get to that. In addition to this we often see a large empty landscape filled with spread out oil rigs behind Daniel. He completed his stated goal of making sure that there will be blood and it has left him finished. Plainview has the ability and will to kill in order to accomplish his mission. Biblically, Jesus was given to the human beings by God but this is a sacrifice that Plainview is not ready to make. Perhaps he killed Eli because of, not in spite of, Eli calling him his brother. In the Bible, God gave us Jesus, but in this film, Plainview can not make the sacrifice. Ws hatred as well. The only exception was a child, whom he adopted as his son, but more on that later. We will write a custom essay sample on, there, will Be, blood, analysis or any similar topic specifically for you.

This is just in a desperate attempt to get money. When he successfully wins the Union Oil contract, he proudly proclaims I told you I was gonna. In addition to character there will be blood essay analysis exploration, Anderson uses a variety of cinematic techniques in order to subtextually portray these themes. He is driven by two main characteristics, competition and mistrust. If I say, im an oil man you will agree. The film strikingly uses an appropriate cinematography to document the loneliness of Plainview. He destroys his life by perpetrating a murder in the presence of a witness. The scene is shot from an extra wide angle which takes away any sense of intimacy between the two characters. Human greed in the film resembles capitalism. This can also be compared to Plainview being underground in a mineshaft in the start of the film. The film climaxes with a final meeting between Daniel and Eli. The films final sequence also visually depicts Daniels power as he hovers above a crying Eli. He eventually threatens to cut his throat to silence him.

Watching the film again, I trust you will find how striking the glorious cinematography captures Plainviews loneliness, from the opening well scene, to the hauntingly destitute derricks, to the shots of empty landscapes and solitary trees. This gives him an opportunity to have close association with somebody who does not challenge him. To override Plainviews voice is to override his power, which he cannot accept. Well, if its in me, its in you. His life is ruined, and hes literally destroyed his future by committing a murder before a witness. His last name Plainview serves to portray his supposed lack of trust. A large bright cross is placed over Plainviews head as he is being Baptized. One cannot have family without trust.