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The patriot movie historical accuracy essay

the patriot movie historical accuracy essay

Arcayne ( cast a spell ) 04:52, (UTC) Ok- that would mean simply "General Washington "General Greene" and "Lord Cornwallis." But we would be stuck on O'Hara, whose name is never used in the film. It's *gossip.* While it's germane to mention that this sort of thing was said in response to the film, the article as it stands gives the decided impression - a non-neutral impression- that these criticisms were well-founded. This article has been checked against the following criteria for B-Class status : Referencing and citation: criterion met, coverage and accuracy: criterion met, structure: criterion met, grammar: criterion met, supporting materials: criterion met, associated task forces (general. HammerFilmFan ( talk ) 12:26, 30 November 2012 (UTC) What about the parts that were accurate? When the ship was targeted and destroyed we see the big explosion with fire spreading all over the ship. While in South Carolina it was never glaciated in the part of the area where this story took place. For the article to be balanced it ought to be restored.

The, patriot, movie, historical, accuracy, essay, services

People watch all types of movie including action movies, adventure movies, comedy movies, and many other categories, but when it comes to the history movies, people do not think if the story of the history movie. This stuff really doesn't matter/is very unobjective/is totally irrelevant to the film itself, which is not a documentary but instead a highly fictional depiction of some events of the war. Oh and South Carolina doesn't solely constituent Wikipedia's target audience. But I have absolutely no idea what these "Officiere the patriot movie historical accuracy essay seiner königlichen Majestät" expected! In one scene Benjamin Martin shoots a British troop who was on the moving horse using a flintlock gun at the range of about hundred yards. One thing is absolutely for sure: the section will not remain in its current state.

The Venetian blinds was not invented until the 1800s or roughly 100 year after the timeframe of the movie. While he doesn't have a wiki article yet, we usually provide linkage anyway, as it serves as motivation to create the article. Would the solution be a separate Article "Historical Inaccuracies in the film "The Patriot?" This would *not* be a POV fork. We cannot call the article Forgotten war, as it is already taken and is a bit judgmental, but it could be part of the larger article already in existence, Southern theater of the American Revolutionary War. This would process would made possible to have control over direction in the case where needed to changed or to cancel the order. Tavington is the chief nemesis of the Martin family sinces he kills most of Benjamn's family. There is a point of absurdity, after all, where we'd not be permitted to say 'bayonet' because no character specifically calls it a bayonet- but of course everyone knows that the long pointy thing you stick on the end.

Historical, accuracy of the Mel Gibson movie, the, patriot (2000)?

And if not, then why should the 'criticism' section contain cites only to indignant but misinformed folks who maintain that position, without balance? It is called synthesis. Otherwise this article should be confined to film- period- and not bring in history at all: especially not by the back door of nonexpert hearsay- Solicitr ( talk ) 01:33, 18 November 2008 (UTC) All right, here is one of the three. Solicitr ( talk ) 19:42, 19 November 2008 (UTC) Dispute- arbitrary break 3 edit Here's a proposal, then: On the other hand, some reviewers the patriot movie historical accuracy essay defended the overall accuracy of the film's depiction of the war in the Carolinas as exceptionally brutal. ( talk ) 20:08, 17 November 2008 (UTC) Hang on, Arcayne: are you seriously saying that the article can cite ill-informed critics of the film, who (however erroneously) attack the film as ahistoricasl or a 'blood libel'- but introducing. Part of the problem in the upcountry was religio-ethnic: most of the frontiersmen were Scotch-Irish, indeed the British despatches frequently refer to the "Irish settlements" and occasionally engage in rather racist invective. For blog and debate there is other forum. Arcayne ( cast a spell ) 21:49, 17 November 2008 (UTC) Arcayne, that simply doesn't reflect Wiki practice. The Patriot for attributing actions to the hated British Legion that were in fact those of the SS in wwii, Edgar (History/Univ. Also, Mel Gibson didn't direct the movie, nor did he write the script. Despite being almost three hours long, I thought The Patriot was extremely entertaining. So essentially the source of this" is a letter, sent to a newspaper, by a member of the public.

Please limit discussion to the patriot movie historical accuracy essay improvement of this article. Stabby Joe ( talk ) 20:21, 31 December 2008 (UTC) Yes it is odd. When they arrive, they are met with open arms. The scene where Benjamin Martin puts his children to bed and then goes to the front porch to watch a battle unfold in a nearby field was particularly moving. 2) Although in theory dragoons were mounted infantry, in the American Revolution (and on other occasions) they were indeed employed as battle cavalry since they were the only horse available. This is not really the case. Secondly what does this sentence mean? Finally, the movie has Martin and his family going into a secluded black colony for protection. Arcayne ( cast a spell ) 04:19, 20 November 2008 (UTC) oooh, there's another view I wasn't aware.

Why, historical, accuracy in, film

Historical Inaccuracies edit The two biggest criticisms of the film were the portrayal of the British, and the complete ducking of the slavery issue by the patriot movie historical accuracy essay making the Martins unrealistically open-minded. ( talk ) 21:26, 17 November 2008 (UTC) (dent) Again, tone down the personal stuff, anon62, or it will result in a civility block. Some British editors have been offended by fabricated atrocities, which will be taken as real history by many who saw the film. It's based on what a few movie critics think they know about history. Can we reduce the"s to more essentials. Thanks ( talk ) 00:44, (UTC). Assuming someone gives you a usable answer on here, I wonder how that will look in the Works Cited. In another scene in which Gabriel returns to the Martin plantation with sword wound from Battle of the Waxhaws, he said that Gates ordered them to march straight at the redcoats. Almost every knows that slaves did not like white people during the time of revolution or any time during the slavery therefore, in the one scene after their home was destroyed, Benjamin Martin send his family and. Clearly, the folk in here know their history, and this would be an excellent way for the folk here to interact constructively with one another and put together an ass-kicker of an article (and remember, new articles can. The British really did take over South Carolina in 1780, there really was partisan resistance, a British victory at Camden, and a Patriot victory at Cowpens. At such short ranges as shown in the movie, muskets were highly accurate! ( talk ) 19:56, 17 November 2008 (UTC) Also, to "- you don't just chop out bits of articles you don't like without first discussing the matter on Talk or directly with the author, my good chap.

Please take a moment to review my edit. BTW I hate edit warring and consider this talk a good way not. Another thing inaccurately added to the battle scenes was exploding munitions. No citation or proof given. He boycotts anything that doesn't have a starring black actor. He proved to be a successful and competent officer. Also in this battle Tavington and Martin seems fighting where Martin first attack Tavington with a pointing tool on the end of the musket. Have a look at the musketry-trials at this page: m In very short (200 men firing at a 30 metres long and 1,80 m high aim 75m 60 hits, 150m 40 hits, 225m 25 hits, 300m 20 hits, Similar. I added some details about the characters and what role they play in the movie - Tnguyen3 20:37, 20 November 2005 (UTC) I added in more of the public reception and the movie info box- Lillysn. Solicitr ( talk ) 04:58, 1 September 2008 (UTC) I just watched this movie for the first time last night. Your contribution is based on unsigned article who present a tiny minority view and comments about a fictional movie. Solicitr, seriously consider writing that article; you can't use your knowledge there, either, but you can certainly evaluate, balance and guide the article.

There should probably also be some mention of how, in Britain, this was seen as a comparisson to similar nazi war crimes. InternetArchiveBot ( Report bug ) 02:43, 6 December 2017 (UTC) Patrick Macnee edit Im almost certain Patrick Macnee was in this movie, but there is nothing here about him or the promo for the film or in his article as well. Ther common ranges for muskets were yards. Zchris87v I agree that pistols are depicted too accurate in the movie, but the muskets (not rifels!, rifles weren't used in this war) are not. The film is far too kind to Cornwallis, who himself conceived the "scorched earth" strategy from day one. Tarleton was not in any way defamed by his film alter ego; he not only massacred surrendering soldiers, hanged suspected rebels without trial, and wantonly burned houses, barns and crops and slaughtered livestock, but on one noteworthy occasion had. My point is that they should not have been welcomed to their colony because during that time there were very few slaves colonies existed and salves did not liked the white people. This part of the movie was not written. We need to ensure that we are not giving undue weight to various arguments, pro or con. Basically, there were way too many irrelevant specifics (slavery, for example) which had very little to do with the film, and should belong in the articles about the historical war itself and not about an artistic/Hollywood reworking of the events. Rest assure that they do in fact exist, and start your search. By attempting to fill in the historical deficits of the film, we are going too far.

Matters An Historian Goes to the

Arcayne ( cast a spell ) 07:14, 7 February 2009 (UTC) I would like to re-propose this addition, which I think provides needed balance within the context of this film, rather than history generally: On the other hand, some. It is quite bizarre to criticize inaccuracies while committing them yourself. You may wish to ask factual questions about historical inaccuracies of this film without citing reliable secondary sources to improve the article at the. Do you take exception to his comments? However, a letter written from Martins oldest son to his girlfriend is quite conversational and informal. I will be removing the section on this in the article - 02:27, (UTC) on this -Well, you are mistaken, sir. He purchased a commission in the British Army and then actually studied for. This was, after all, barely a generation after Culloden, and sandwiched in between various 'pacifications' of Ireland (Cornwallis himself would do so after Yorktown). The battle flags in the movie also were not entirely accurate.

While there were colonies of free black men and women at the time, the likelihood of them welcoming a group of white plantation owners is unlikely. If you found an error with any archives or the URLs themselves, you can fix them with this tool. In a nutshell, it's this: the 'historicasl inaccuracy' section has nothing to do with history. Simply because the fighting distances are much shorter than they had been in reality. On a side note, I reverted your edit again; the writing is better he other way. Cyberbot II Talk to my owner :Online 22:01, (UTC) External links modified edit Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just modified 4 external links on The Patriot (2000 film). Stabby Joe ( talk ) 03:29, 7 February 2009 (UTC) Refocusing the discussion edit No offense to Stabby Joe (and man, that name still cracks me up but this discussion isn't the patriot movie historical accuracy essay about him, so ease up, everyone. I suggest we work to condense.

The, patriot » m, historical, accuracy

( talk ) 05:26, (UTC) Addition of South Carolina to categories edit South Carolina films was added to the categories, because if you look it up 1 you can see that this movie, in its entirety, was filmed in South Carolina. One soldier in Martins militia said he was offered five schillings a month and freedom after 12 months of service by George Washington. And for those who kept on removing these must remember that your personal opinion is not a good reason to remove referrences from well known, respectable enough sources already used throughout wiki. (John User:Jwy talk ) 03:08, 20 November 2008 (UTC) Sounds reasonable. During the scene of party where we can see that British ship was blown up in the harbor. Stabby Joe ( talk ) 15:44, 6 February 2009 (UTC) A great deal of the problem with this article with its history of edit wars is that, while historically the film is largely rubbish, the loudest criticisms. It remains the fact, however, that Cornwallis personally, and certain of his subordinate commanders including Tarleton, were responsible for a deliberate policy of savage reprisals aginst 'disloyal' colonists." This topic heats me a bit because this was the "forgotten war". Feature films are not supposed to fulfill one's educational gulf.

I propose the following: someone start and populate a new article regarding the Revolutionary War's actions in the south. Best first place to start would be a topic search of books online of you local library. In result of this, Benjamin joins the army and creates his private army of rag tag farmers and farmworkers. Solicitr ( talk ) 03:58, 20 November 2008 (UTC) Oddly, I actually knew some of that! Arcayne ( cast a spell ) 17:24, 30 December 2008 (UTC) Lat time I checked here, the controversy section was somewhat bloated, however I find it odd as it was removed altogether as many did have their complaints (British critics, Spike Lee, historians etc). Tavington stives to gain Cornwallis approval. For my part, being a Yank who has lived in the UK, I never considered the silm to be a documentary. User: Romanom Edited: Tuesday Character Analysis edit Benjamin Martin Benjamin Martin plays a centralized character in the movie. Do we just call him "British General"?

He is friends with Martin and has a lot of respects for him, he also defends him even when he opposes him in dabate over Burwells plea for support for the South Carolina Assembly. This is a whitewash of British crimes. As well, any historical inaccuracy must speak in terms of the film; ie, an editor cannot add the historical facts and compare them to the film. If desired, I can insert the details of the historical (attempted) church-burning into the article. Now shut up, all of you.

Talk: The, patriot (2000 film ) - Wikipedia

I think that a lot of editors come here thinking they are are going to fix the mistakes of the filmmaker. However, I think that we need to remember that films - even historical films - are not the same as history. There is a source speaking to the atrocities - that is inarguable. Portrayed during the movie. Their progress were effective however, later in the story Martins another son named Gabriel became victim to the same colonel that killed his oldest son Thomas. ( talk ) 17:25, (UTC) Grammar Nov 2005 edit There are some glaring grammar and spelling errors in this article. Qualified writers in the subject of film studies are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. I'm not sure why those "sources" are allowed to stand. Moving to the next point, in the scene where aunty charlotte takes in the children after their family home was burned and destroyed, her hair was down. This movie is about Benjamin Martin who was father of seven children and he declines an offer to fight for the Continental army. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 07:46, (UTC) Right now the criticism section reads like some British the patriot movie historical accuracy essay history nerd watched the film, was offended, and decided that the best way to release his anger was to write an annoyingly long criticism section. But the fighting is totally wrong, which just proves that the script writers had no clues whatsoever how wars have been fought back in those days. The scene that was most sensationalized was the burning of the church with the congregation locked inside.

The fact the patriot movie historical accuracy essay that his comments have been shoehorned into the 'Criticism' section, apparently as an afterthought (how often do you see 'criticism of criticism' in film articles?) makes me wonder if someone hasn't got a personal agenda to push. This allows us to be accurate without making expicit claims that the film does not. In an earlier version of the script, she was with child, which would have heightened the emotion for Gabriel even more in his quest for revenge. Best techniques in the whole movie are used. Also that Benjamin Martin seems to be a principles man in the movie but in reality he killed Indians just for fun and was known for rapping his slaves. Benjamin is spiritually scarred from his French and Indian war experiences, and is opposed to going into war. As we can determine that some of the scenes were not accurate therefore, there is no drought that story of this movie would include fiction.