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1000 words essay on caste system in india

1000 words essay on caste system in india

There were four major castes: Brahmans, who have spiritual wisdom or act like a priest, Kshatriyas, who are a ruler or an organization, 1000 words essay on caste system in india the Vaisya, farmers and traders, and the Sudras, the follower or servants. Is absolutely not a polluting occupation. If they looking for english essay for their school homework or any kind of english essay article then this special category might help you all guyz. A caste can be defined as a group of people traditionally pursuing a common occupation and living in a linguistically separated region. They had to perform the occupations on the basis of their castes. A large number of occupations are practised by the Shudras. If you do not fit into any of the castes you are known as an outcast India's caste system has four central branches also referred to as varnas, which is the religious word for castes. At the integration level higher castes are privileged, particularly the Brahmans who get all the required services from castes of Shudra Varna and protection and economic patronage from the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas. They are the protectors of the society. Gandhiji laid a great emphasis on the abolishment.

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It is often an instrument of oppression- causing misery and humiliation to many. And the consequences of these race wars and communal wars are as disastrous as the caste war in India; their approach too is equally parochial. The first one is togetherness. Brahmans who occupy the highest position in the Varna order. Advertisements: However, caste in India is not always seen in the light of these interpretations. They were forced to sleep during the day and work at night.

At the organisational level people belonging to different castes appropriately sort out their own level of and nature of interaction with members of other castes. But as the pattern is rigid and hierarchical it encourages discrepancies and disparities and leaves little room for progress. But there are also occupations, like agriculture which is value neutral, meaning that it can be performed by castes of all categories. On the other hand, he said that his family was originally from south India because it could be seen by his dark skin. He explained that southern Indian origins have darker skin, while northern origins have a white skin and the origins of the eastern part of India have a look like Chinese. Their occupations are susceptible to commitment of sins in terms of the ideal norms of the society. It is not only horizontal or vertical, tangential and cross as well as diadic, triadic and multiplex.

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Castes are grouped based on ranking. According to government policy, 15 of government jobs and 15 of the students admitted to the Universities must be 1000 words essay on caste system in india from SC or ST Staff. The system is grounded in religion and labor. Advertisements: The pervasive influence of caste characterises India more than anything else. It is not mere custom, like manners, or a measure of social status like dress It is die fundamental rhythm of life in India. Even today in provinces like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh caste creates gulf between groups and leads to disastrous feuds and internecine wars.

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The problem here is, for example, the vocational castes are not 1000 words essay on caste system in india the unanimous with regards to their hierarchical positions. This they have done keeping in view the totality of social order or caste system. Each claims superiority over others with justification. Living is acting and no one alive can escape from the need to act. Advertisements: Caste cannot be properly understood in isolation from Hinduism, for it is Hinduism that provides caste with its sanctions and gives the system its moral significance. This is why this system is considered a curse and in the light of all-round progress in our age many feel that the abolition of it is long overdue.

In this article we will share. Caste system is a social system in which a social hierarchy is maintained generation to generation. 800, words, jun 24, 20134 Pages, india's. The concepts of rebirth, transmigration, sin, salvation and duty are intrinsic to the sustenance of caste. Social and economic interrelationship between castes is based on age-old norms and values. Initially we have published 300 word and 1000 word article for, caste, system.

In ancient times, Caste system was very l prominent in society Mariages were only permitted within the same caste. The social structure of caste society revolves around occupations some of which are sacred and some others are profane. As a family 1000 words essay on caste system in india member, he lives together with a big family that consist not just his nuclear family but also with his grandfather or grandmother and other two nuclear families from his fathers side. Historically, he considered himself a Sanskrit. Only Indians have become more legible in their caste system customer, The Urban people in India are becoming broad minted. It is a structural concept from the point of view of the fact that a caste society has a definite structure based on the ideology of purity and pollution. The hierarchical order of Hindu caste society is not uniform all over the country.

Caste, system, one of the lectures while I was in Colorado was about India's caste system. The way one is placed into his or her group is based off of multiple things. When we look beyond India we find castes in ethnic groups strutting and fretting as though they were from different planets. Advertisements: Each caste traditionally has been tied up with a specific function which is essential for a complete socio-cultural life. A caste system is taking people and putting them into groups. Those economically most depressed and exploited are obviously identified with the lower castes that languish in dark holes of poverty, ignorance and backwardness it is a curse of the millions and not blessing.

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It is overwhelmingly Hindu, but not exclusively. A Hindu believes that he is born into a caste as a result of his deeds in a previous life, and that if duties in this life are performed well, he will be entitled to a better place in the hierarchy when he is re-born. Caste systemIn our constitutionals, it is written that India is a secular country Now Scheduled castes and scheduled Tribes are getting special opportunities in jobs and studies. For example fishing, cleaning toilets, and taking out garbage are jobs an untouchable would be allowed. Hinduism itself is the most spacious of all religions, with comfortable accommodation for those worshiping one god, many gods and no god, for the atheist and the agnostic, for those worshiping animals, ancestors, even trees and stones. A clean Shudra Jati is one from whom members of an orthodox Brahman accepts water, and conversely an impure Shudra is one from whom an orthodox Brahman does not accept water. Castes are nothing but the division of duties so they can be performed properly.