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Penner (General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners) * Steven S Reinemund (Dean of Business and Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Wake Forest University) *. Walmart…

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Can music and cinematography be called an art too? A debatable essay must focus on the critical issue which leads to the global conflicts. Technology-enabled…

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Despite the name, Ethos does not concern itself with ethics as we might initially think. Diction and Tone serve as the salt and pepper of the…

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What is demsetz main thesis in this article

what is demsetz main thesis in this article

If there are just two people, you may want to ban threats because one gains at the others expense Its not just one producer. Keywords: property, property rights , externalities, commons, hydraulic fracturing, fracking, hydrofracking, hydrofracturing, oil, gas, water, water quality, natural resources, community impacts, environmental law. Only where things like goodwill and brand loyalty are valuable this only happens when information costs are high You want to inform them of alternatives they werent aware of before If youre aware of a firms. Thomson Higher Education, 2007) - "An effective thesis statement singles out some aspect of a subject for attention and clearly defines your approach." (David Blakesley and Jeffrey. Why is it not clear whether it should matter whether a firm cut its price with the intent of harming rivals or not? Writing an essay or research paper can seem like a daunting task, but following a few basic guidelines can help you improve your writing and possibly your grades. For example, don't say, "In my opinion, aquatic mammals have more complicated respiratory systems." Just say, "Aquatic mammals have more complicated respiratory systems then back up that statement throughout your paper.

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Why does that fact make it hard for the concept of barriers to be policy relevant? If accountants treat advertising, research, and goodwill building expenses as current year expenses for current year benefits, rather than as investments with longer term payoffs, how will that bias accounting measures of profits? . O You may produce a substitute for your own product to compete with other people. He talks about whether prices are lower than THE minimum costs, assumes that everyone has what is demsetz main thesis in this article the same costs (and that we have some way of knowing that) o Assume someones cost is 8 he can charge more. Why do laws against predatory pricing force us to decide when price decreases are good for consumers and when they are bad for consumers? Its not necessarily predatory if youre looking at P decreasing. Costs are higher for new entrant to borrow funds. Demsetz article leaves more than ample room for further scholarly development. In std.

O People rely more on trade secrecy What is the risk of too broad a patent right? . Its not clear what the right answer is The things we arguing about are not measurable, no one knows the answer. When I own trademark, you need someones permission to use it Reduce output and raise prices for already existing stuff They raise the ROR for new innovations, are consumers helped or hurt? Kevin Barge, Human Communication: Motivation, Knowledge, and Skills, 2nd. Why does Demsetz say that the prevention of price wars may merely prevent consumers from enjoying long-lasting benefits of truly competitive pricing? Your tentative thesis will probably be less graceful than the thesis you include in the final version of your essay. Notes that a general question can be made into a persuasive subject if names are added (II.4.25). Demsetz s two points: o It cuts competitive actions o just ban monopoly, better alternative because its hard to figure out if its a monopoly What distinction does Demsetz find between limit-entry pricing and predatory pricing? Now we face the inevitable consequence: the benefactor wants to call the turns." (E.B. It is simply the focal point of that paragraph. Complementary and supplementary goodsyou might want to under price the complementary goods.

Advertising is only a BTE if its done well Restriction on advertising is a bigger BTE to new firms in an industry How could lower capital (borrowing) costs for existing firms be a barrier to entry? . Why does Stigler not call economies of scale a barrier to entry, while Bain and Ferguson do? It's also known as a thesis statement, thesis sentence, controlling idea. But a conundrum remains: in some cases, scarcity does not generate regulation or innovative governance, and the legal scholarship has called for more empirical testing of the reasons for this anti-Demsetzian response. O What about joint costs? You want to restrict that esp between two parties. Large existing firms have advantage because of reputation. Here, for example, is one student's early effort: Although they both play percussion instruments, drummers and percussionists are very different. If the good part of those restrictions give people incentive to create new stuff When imitation is cheap thats when patent is important o Its less important when its almost as expensive to imitate People use secrecy. Despite the high transaction costs of this approach, the costs of organizing and enforcing a rights regime become worthwhile in the face of scarcity. When is it going to be obsolete? This oil and gas extraction technique, which has recently boomed in the United States, has identifiable, substantial negative externalities, including, for example, air pollution and overwithdrawals of freshwater during droughts.

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If there were diseconomies of scale, smaller firms would have lower cost of production and theyd be better than larger firm. What if imitation was nearly as costly as an original innovation? Relatively small firms can enter to offset their disadvantage of no reputation if there are diseconomies of scale Why would the ready to eat cereals case (where the government wanted to force established firms to license their popular brands. How are property rights a barrier to entry? . Demsetz s path-breaking article, Toward a Theory of Property Rights. Brand name tells you the identity of who makes it and tells you the reputation of who makes it If you license, the value of your reputation diminishes so the quality guarantees disappear in this case. Identifying, main, ideas, before you start writing, it's a good idea to practice identifying main ideas as you read. Don't worry too soon about the exact wording of your thesis, however, because your main point may change as you refine your ideas." (Diana Hacker, The Bedford Handbook, 6th. Another, theres the third party, the consumerthe consumer benefits o In this situation, one gains at anothers expense but the consumer gains as well. And it said virtually nothing about the form that emergent property rights are likely to take, other than to observe that whether a society adopts private property or state-owned property may turn in part on the communitys tastes for collectivism.

. Wadsworth, 2011) Examples and Observations (Definition #2) " Thesis. This advanced exercise one of the progymnasmata asks the student to write an answer to a 'general question' ( quaestio infina )-that is, a question not involving individuals. Demsetz article leaves a number of important questions unresolved. A thesis may be implied rather than stated directly. Why does a firms history matter in markets where advertising and promotion are used extensively? There are things we cant measure accurately! O You would have no incentive to advertise in the future o Reduces the value of existing reputation for what gainit would lower the price but it what is demsetz main thesis in this article would reduce incentives to create new brands Why do downward sloping demand. They move backwards from what kind of behavior/outcomes you want. Related Flashcards Featured Flashcards).

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Both of them harm rivals. Simply make all drugs available and sell them at cost." (Gore Vidal, "Drugs The Two Parts of an Effective Thesis "An effective thesis is generally composed of two parts: a topic and the writer's attitude or opinion about or reaction to that topic." (William. Pick one issue or aspect of your topic to focus on because thesis statements with multiple ideas are often weak and messy. Subjects, files, the demsetz thesis application/pdf.4 KB, download File. Why is there no obvious reason for legally blocking or punishing the use of advertising, capital, and/or economies of scale in promoting products? Risks of innovation in regular market (all products already exists in model building to an appropriate scale (real firms have to start small and grow as they attract customers services related demands. The thesis that appeared in the final draft of the student's paper was more polished: Two types of musicians play percussion instruments-drummers and percussionists-and they are as different as Quiet Riot and the New York Philharmonic. By, richard Nordquist, richard Nordquist is a freelance writer and former professor of English and Rhetoric who wrote college-level Grammar and Composition textbooks. A firm would never sell below the relevant MC; however, there is difficulty figuring out the relevant cost because of depreciation o You may cut costs if you think itll get your more business later;. When there are new entrants, it shifts your demand curve left, your. How could it instead be an earned efficiency?

When there are new entrants there are more substitutes, more elasticQ therefore increases o These effects are opposing What if you thought the second mechanism was larger than the first. This statement tells the reader the direction of the paper and how you plan to interpret the information. How do existing property rights reflect prior decisions about the mix of outputs or actions that are preferred? The first main idea is mandatory and gives your reader a clear idea of what that paragraph discusses. Thesis, statements, every essay or research paper should have only one thesis statement. How can we ever know that what we think is right?" (Marya Mannes, "How Do You Know It's Good? But the article said nothing about the factors that determine the costs of a property regime. You can allege predatory pricing, you have the burden of proving youre not doing ityou cant disprove your intent o Demsetz says intent doesnt matter because every competitive device that works harms rivals Why does the legality of offering. Property rights, I can do w/o permission but other people need permission to use your stuff Who has the permission to do something without additional agreement from others Copyright, patent law o You can. Inventor gets benefit for stuff he didnt really develop Too narrownot enough benefit Why does Demsetz conclude that with trademarks, price may exceed the marginal cost of producing a good, yet that result need not be inefficient? ALL legitimate uses OF resources If you have resources isnt spending more on capital equipment is a legitimately use of resources that you already own o We want everyone to do those things without permission. What would the appropriate measure of price for such a comparison when current pricing policies will likely affect future demand as well as the present?

You get rid of the incentive to cut prices ever. In this Article we explore the responses in three states experiencing a fracking boom and theorize the reasons for the diverse responses of these states to greater fracking externalities, including responses that do not track. This IS pure conjecture: Because you can advertise your information as well as advertise your reputation to people that may not be familiar with you. NO way. What is the problem if it is too narrow? In the classical rhetorical exercises known as the progymnasmata, the thesis is an exercise that requires a student to argue a case for one side or the other. What do they do to the number of new products introduced? . This governance can include traditional regulation that draws clearer property what is demsetz main thesis in this article rights in the resource and forces cost internalization as well as innovative, less formal regimes such as monitoring and reporting of resource use, voluntary agreements to internalize certain harms, and other commons management tools. Effects on the future Why are decisions on whether trademarks, patents, copyrights, whether price cutting is allowed, etc., are good things necessarily rich in intuition and faith and poor in discernible measurements? .