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Upenn admission essays

upenn admission essays

The teachers at Admission Masters pretty much calmed me down and explained everything to me in the simplest terms possible, breaking down my application process , and helped me create an application that would clearly reflect who I was. For three years, I've never dreamed of being accepted to one of the top universities in the country. This was even before I started worrying about college. And from then on, the wonderful team at Admissions Masters have been by my side every step of the way. As a person who prefers speaking over writing, open sessions were always helpful to me because I was able to talk through my ideas with counselors and write my essays based off of those conversations. Admission Masters provides opportunities and eye-opening experiences for students to engage themselves in both academic and extracurricular activities. I knocked on their doors with considerable doubt and anxiety, but counselors at Admission Masters gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to make my dream become real.

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He would go down the list of every question the interviewer may have asked). Alex Lim, Walnut High School, ucla Admission Masters was excellent. Visit the Wellesley 100 and let us know, in two. Huge thanks to counselors Jay, Jenny, Vincent, Alexis, Travis, Jessica and many more. It really took AM for me to constantly question and delve into who I was; counselor Jay especially would constantly suggest certain main ideas or offer mind-provoking talks to stimulate my thought process and provide a direction to an otherwise overwhelming task. Links to conference pages are provided. But with the help from my counselors, I could pull out all of my ideas and write vivid essays! Thank you Jay, Punit, Eddie, Jessica, Jean, Ula, Vincent, Jina, Pankaj, Jun, Michelle, Jenny, the Caucasian teacher from Maryland, and the one woman at the LA Branch upenn admission essays whose name I forgot for sticking with me through all of this.

Victoria Choi, Johns Hopkins University Graduate School. These numerous opportunities motivated me to try harder in my studies as well as to work more diligently on personal projects to create my resume. Thanks to Jay and the rest of the AM team, I had an amazing undergraduate education and experience. However, as time went by, I came to realize that by putting more on my plate early on, I would be taking away a lot of the stress I would've faced during college application season. They don't simply "help they teach life lessons, pull the hidden talents out of every student, and find fulfilling opportunities catering to each student's abilities and interests. They have not only provided me with facts and guidance, but they have also served as mentors that I will continually keep in touch with throughout my college experience. I'm so thrilled with everything, and feel fortunate to have had Admission Masters guide me through the process.

Admission Masters gave me a sense of security by guiding me along every step, from finding summer programs (I got to work with Google Glass!) to brainstorming for essays. Overall, my experience with AM can be summarized with one word: exquisite. Ttys Jinny Yi, Sonora HS, UC Berkeley "I want to thank you for all the great and hard work you've done for. Brown, caltech, rice accepted! I cannot recommend Admission Masters enough for students who are driven and ambitious. Admission Masters has been instrumental in my educational career and in achieving my goals. Even though I attended many SAT boot camps, none of them raised my score. Thank you for everything you do! I couldn't have done it without you. It is very stressful during the summer of 11th grade and the Fall of 12th grade. We had both face to face meetings and online meetings. So The Daily Beast tracked down seven college admissions essays that did workseven essays that helped get the kids who wrote them into. I just realized in the busyness of college visits and graduation, I never got to properly thank you for everything, especially helping me brainstorm ideas for essays and revising them over and over until it got to the best possible version it could.

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From the moment I saw the paper on the walls, I knew that this was a place that took itself to extraordinary lengths helping it's students; I never had to do anything but ask, and I received everything I could have imagined and more. Throughout planning what extracurricular activities to join, leadership positions to apply for, classes to take, and what activities to do during the summer, moving onto SAT tutoring and perfecting test scores during the middle of my high school career, and finally. Seems kind of contrary to what a lot of other seniors would say about their winter breaks, as most students have to spend the end of December furiously writing apps. Juan Chung, Northhollywood High School, UC Berkeley '16 At first, I certainly viewed college applications as a tenacious wolf awaiting to hunt me down. Sally Na, Harvard University Early Accepted Class of 2017 Admission Masters has helped me realize that no matter how high your upenn admission essays goal is, nothing is impossible to reach if you believe and work for. I just got accepted to UC Berkley, ucla, and UC San Diego, and I really want to thank you for making my dream become a reality. All the counselors are very friendly and easy to relate to, making it easier for high schoolers to share hobbies and personal essays. Beyond doing spectacularly in academic, extracurricular, and color counseling, you took a personal interest in every student and genuinely worked your hardest to reach everyone's maximum potential.

Whether it is getting that ACT score or maintain my grades or writing college essays, I always knew that I was in safe hands. After joining Admission Masters, I always had a sense of security with all the counselors available for any questions that I had. The college counselors at Admission Masters were able to find my hidden talent and allowed me to market my abilities for admissions into an Ivy League University. Beyond receiving help with applying to colleges, I am so glad I got to meet and work with such amazing people, like Counselor Richard Vincent, Counselor Jay, and Counselor Jun, just to name a few; and, I know. In particular, the support and structure they provided for essays was invaluable. Military Academy The prospect of applying to ten plus schools and realizing that the school I would end up in would have a huge impact on my future terrified. Without my first brainstorm session with Jenny, I wouldnt have been able to write upenn admission essays a personal statement that truly captured who I was, as a student and as an individual. Cassandra Man: UCB (Regents USC (Trustee Scholarship UPenn, Johns Hopkins Class of 2022.

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(It was an incredible horrible ordeal) I am SO grateful for your time spent on perfecting my essays and application! Admission Masters has been a true ally in sharpening my application starting from essays to tiny details that I might have missed otherwise. Kevin Kim, Northwood HS, SAcore 2350 I have got to admit, counselor Jay is one of the coolest dudes I have ever met in my life, but when it comes to the SAT it's down to serious business. However, I was so wrong. He is extremely helpful, and as long as you work hard and follow his methodologies, he is willing to run the extra mile with you for that rapid short-term score boost. College application essay writing requires a lot of thought and a lot of creativity. Brittany Chen, Irvine High School, Pomona College Early, Class of 2020 AM helped me consider different paths for applying that I didn't really know about. It was always a goal of mine to get top notch education that would lead to top notch employment opportunities. You definitely kept me grounded and was my biggest advocate throughout this whole process. She was brilliant and personable.

Upenn, essay Help - UPenn Admissions

I have heard that people make good decisions in their lifetime, but I have made the best decision by joining The Admission Masters. Wenxi Lin, Transfer to ucla from UCI Dear Admission Masters, I really want to express my sincere gratitude to Admission Masters for everything this year during the transfer admissions process. Todos las gracias!" Kenneth Huh, John Marshall High School, Pomona College, Class of upenn admission essays 2019 I just wanted to thank you, and the rest of the AM staff, for all the support and help y'all offered me this year. Thank you so much Admission Masters! I also liked how I could ask her questions on how to make an essay specific to a school and she always knew what was best. AM is not merely a college counseling agency: it is a family. I also want to thank the counselors for the endless support. The openness of the counselors was also a huge plus. I thought it would be just like a weekend SAT Tutoring Service, something that moms force you into and ultimately ends up a bitter use of time. If you feel inadequate in any way or in need of help with your application, apply to 'Admission Masters'. Despite the hard times and obstacles I faced during the course of my high school career, I am glad Admission Masters was there for.

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I upenn admission essays look back on the summer programs I attended based on AM's recommendations, ones that I was accepted into because of AM's essay help, and believe those to be some of the greatest choices I made. I got accepted into West Point! AM challenged me and also comforted me throughout this college journey. Military Academy) Want to have a fun and productive summer? It did wonders for my confidence. Overall, my family and I express our deepest gratitude towards everyone on the AM team for the consistently high quality of support and aid we received. you have definitely made a significant positive impact on me forever. Lucia Kim, Marymount HS, UPenn Early, Class of 2020 I honestly don't even know where to begin or how to fully express my gratitude towards Admission Masters. The advice Ive gotten from AM counselors was definitely more than just about my academics and extracurriculars, and about my personal growth and well-being. Without you guys, I wouldn't have been where I am now. In my humble opinion, if the student is willing to put in the work, then AM will do everything they can, within their power, to support and make sure that the student achieves their dream. Jenny, thank you so much for all of your help throughout this whole process for literally everything.

Ahhhhh -from the future pharmacist Christine. Through AM, I learned more about myself than I would have thought possible, and I was able to find a path that suited. Thank you for making my dreams become reality. Global Youth Mission and Media Club are both incredible AM organizations that Jason and Travis manage very well. There is upenn admission essays a lot of misinformation out there surrounding the college admission essay. We started planning my overall path early, but they were there with me at every interview, essay, and semester along the way. Due to P J's attention to detail and many revisions, I believe my application represented me as a unique and qualified applicant in the tough application pool. From the get-go, Jay was already helping me decide my major. Admission Masters is a place that is gifted with dedicated teachers that have tremendous knowledge in English/Literature, Writing techniques, and Mathematical excellence. Min Jae Kang, West Ranch HS, UPenn Early, Class of 2020 I started AM toward the end of my junior year.

Not only do the counselors there help you improve your score immensely and reach your goal, but they also do it in a short amount of time. Dohee Jessica Kim, Troy High School, UPenn, Class of 2018 Let me just say that the Admission Masters is not just a college counseling institute. It is such a lucky gift that I met counselor Jay, who are willing to give out college information, provide the best strategy, and help on essays. Writing your essay doesn't have to be a panic-inducing experience, say. Other counselors such as Michelle Wang, Michelle Lee, Vincent and Jessica kept in touch with me through emails and video chatting to provide additional support. However, it was really the end of my junior year and beginning of senior year that made the greatest difference. I want to say thank you so much Admission Masters. From there, I was encouraged to attend a summer program and begin an internship, which reaffirmed my choice of major. At first, I really didn't know what to write or how to write a college essay. Ready to write your college admission essay? Sangchul Bae, Apple Valley High School, UCB, US Naval Academy Class of 2021 Words cannot express how grateful I am toward Admission Masters and its counselors. Christine Kim, USC Pharmacy School hello pankaj! I never had a dream school, but Admission Masters' interactive consultations led me to strive for one of the top colleges, and my parents and I thank them deeply for my early acceptance into Stanford University.

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From then on everything just flew by like it was nothing. Berkeley Regents) to give me really good advice. The counselors' kindness, support, and encouragement inspired me to work harder and put more effort into my plans for the future. He was a wonderful and professional counselor. College application is definitely one of the most stressful experiences Ive been through, and I know I would not have done so well without the support and help from Admission Masters. Early, Class of 2021 AM is absolutely great! I did end up choosing Brown after visiting, and I'm extremely excited to start upenn admission essays in the fall. Admission Masters greatly optimized the effectiveness of my application packages. I came to Admission Masters with no real expectations. They view you as an individual and value your unique qualities. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained! I didnt see how the counselors could suddenly make my boring, uneventful life a topic for a college essay, nor could I fathom what AM could provide that I couldnt Google myself. It didn't make sense.

Most importantly, the counselors here help you realize that your own actions shape you as person, not the college you're aiming for." Minsang., Pitzer College "When I first started to write college essays, I seriously. Best, Emily Kim, Woodbridge High School, brown, caltech, rice, Class of 2022. Thank you Jenny, Jay, Jean, Vincent, Jun, Ula, Jason, Jessica, Eddie, Jina, and everyone else at AM who has supported me these past few years. Whether it be in the early morning or at night, whenever I needed her help, she would always try her best to respond as soon as possible. Brainstorming meetings helped me immensely for the same reason. Annie Hwang, Northwood High School, Harvard University, Class of 2018 Admission Masters is more than just a college consulting group. They were able to unlock my hidden talents, polish them, and really make them shine through in my essays and college application. All essays are reviewed personally by Jason Lum. College Admission Coach, based in Portland, OR, provides comprehensive, one-on-one college counseling services to high-school students. Maria was always very nice to me whenever I went to the Admission Masters office in Irvine.

As a result, I got into UC Berkeley, and I will be going there next year. Preparation Before You Write the Essay. Thank you for being really patient and responsible all the time. Their experience with the application process helped me focus on key points to get my acceptance. Edward Pak, La Sierra University, Loma Linda Medical School At first, I was apprehensive and reluctant about using the services. I had no idea where to start, who to talk to, and what all the confusing words on the applications meant. Hannah J, Yale Univ. With pinpoint-focused training in specific areas I needed help on, upenn admission essays Jay not only prepared me mentally through the dozens of problems we handled every class, but also emotionally by instilling a sense of determination to improve my score. And then when the time came to fill out those dreaded applications, I had no idea where to start, but AM Counselors really helped me brainstorm essay ideas and got me through the busiest weeks of the year, right.

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It's a starting point - a starting point to a motivated, guided, and exciting high school career. I am elated to have been accepted to my dream school and I know I couldn't have done it without the support and care from these counselors and friends. They reminded me to stay diligent and hardworking in this tough, chaotic time, and gave me the inspiration and knowledge that enabled me to further reach towards my ultimate upenn admission essays goal. Writing your college admission essay isn't easy, but don't get down. I also can't described in words how much thankful I am to have met the Admission Masters.

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With these counselors at open session, I felt that they truly wanted me to be successful, and their energy and faith was a big part of what got me through the tougher months of the college essay writing process. It's about having color: what makes me stand out compared all the other applicants who probably have the same or higher statistics. Thank you very much! After the meeting, I was motivated and had a clear goal for applying transfer. So, for all of these reasons, along with many more, I thank AM very much! Thanks to Admission Masters, I am very happy that I got into my first choice college." Jun. The SAT program at P J Admission Masters is a great opportunity to meet new friends in a relaxed but studious environment and increase your score exponentially. Mother of Grace Choi, Stanford University Class. The counselors know the admissions process really well, and the advice they give is substantive and valuable. I thought I could go through the medical school application on my own and reflecting back, although it might have been possible, it would have been much more difficult. All the counselors are super nice and supportive. What are the positive and negative results?

Please bookmark our site if you want to stay updated. Daniel Chung, Cypress HS, UPenn 2018 Admissions Masters is definitely true to its name and purpose; the intelligent, kind counselors here have not only guided me through the college application process, but have also taught. I am so fortunate to have had AM by my side. But more than that, I was surprised by how systematic everything was and the organization that made this service entirely possible. The Admission Masters was a delight to work with; they are professional, helpful, and all around perfect! In order to save time and be proficiency, I went to AM for advising. The Admission Masters helped me understand the prompts thoroughly and even took the time to brainstorm each essay with me individually. Thank you SO much for assisting me throughout the application process. AM has worked to help get me where I want to be, introducing numerous options and approaches to help me succeed. Well, those initial doubts were completely wrong! They encouraged me to pursue schools that I didnt think I had a chance to get. Andrew Kim, Cerritos High School, Stanford Class of 2019, West Point, University of Chicago, Duke I've always had a bad impression of counseling services and going to countless seminars and "free trials" only exacerbated this feeling of mine.