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Death constant beyond love essay

death constant beyond love essay

The story stresses that in the face of love and death, a person either becomes alone and powerless or dependent. Reality is also an important theme he likes to illustrate, usually resembling his Latin American society. Senator Sanchez and his boring routine Death Constant Beyond Love is a story with a lot of potential focal points. It is also because of Sanchezs illusionary love that made him include the coming of death as part of his boring routine life. However, Sanchezs sensual and affectionate love for Laura is evidently just a fantasy because he remains to be alone and isolated until his death. Therefore, this story can be read and interpreted many different ways depending on the reader. So each death constant beyond love essay journal submission must have a minimum of four passages and commentaries from four different readings.

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Thus, this might be the only reason that comforts him until death came to him. These people were seen as mere instruments, and used to boost the image of the senators popularity. This is simply because the latter is subjected to change and that it is death that made even one mans most illusionary affection to the girl of his life, being altered. Unfortunately, by satisfying his only weakness, which is his love for Laura, it causes him to be more isolated as death starts to reclaim his life. In fact, the said term can actually be only attributed to the air-conditioning system inside the Senators car. Senator Sanchez is very stunned by Laura's beauty and it takes him by surprise. This is basically because the Senator has long been dead inside that made him feel that there is no need to change his life despite facing death. ".in broad daylight looked like the most useless inlet on the desert.". Rather, with too much anger bottled in his heart, he cried as he was losing his remaining life. The more energy you expend trying to avoid the realization of the issue, the harder it becomes when you eventually have to face reality. In the senators campaign speech he said, We will no longer be foundlings in our own country, orphans of God in a realm of thirst and bad climate, exiles in our own land (2850). It's good to be someone when you're alone" (Garcia Marquez 2855).

The role and significance of love in death, constant beyond, love by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is that of powerlessness. He told me to tell you to send one of your people to get it along with him a written promise that you'll straighten out his situation" (Garcia Marquez 2854). Marquez expresses the confusion, power and diversity that come with the feeling of love and how ever changing it can. The senator's erotic love for Laura is an illusion because he is left with solitude at the end of the story. However on earth and in this life, love is forever changing and death is the only constant. It also showed that beyond love, death is a human condition that needs to be expected as it is the one that will remain even love has ceased to exist. Senator Sanchez sees himself as some sort of deity over these orphans of God. Marquez was born in Colombia in 1928, and raised by his maternal grandparents.

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His speech is concludes by building and ideal world and promising a picturesque lifestyle that he envisions for them. Love exists in every smile, every pounding heart, and the sweet taste of every kiss. His grandmother often told him fantastic stories, and usually didnt pay much attention to details. He doesnt tell anyone about what lies ahead for him, he just continues to go about his daily live as usual. Death, constant, beyond, love, an ideology is shared among the people of Rosal del Virrey, but the core of their values and beliefs extend beyond the simple notion that the villagers are dependent on senator Sanchez.

He held so much power, and yet he was powerless to the lustful feelings of love that he held for the teenage girl. When faced by his imminent death, the Senator accepts it unmoved. Sanchez seems to be unphased by the consequences and scandal that could possibly come from this type of behavior. Senator Onesimo Sanchez was placid and weatherless inside the air- conditioned car but as soon as he opened death constant beyond love essay the door he was shaken by a gust of fire and his shirt of pure silk was soaked. He is alone because he chooses to be, but his choice was no match to love. Does it connect to any of our other readings? Death, constant, beyond, love, gabriel Garcia Marquezs short story, Death, constant, beyond, love depicts the vulnerability and helplessness of a human when dealing with two of the most enigmatic parts of life.

All of its complicities, confusions, and alterations can not compete with the death constant beyond love essay ultimate confrontation of life, which is death. However, when he meets and gets intrigued by the beauty of Laura, the compelling money-hungry Senator lightens up his boring life with the illusion of being loved by the woman. The lack of love in the town was apparent to the reader and because of it; the town was filled with lies and scandal, and was on the verge of deterioration. The senator, for his part, didnt know what to do with Laura Farina he held Laura Farina tightly between his knees, embraced her about the waist, and lay down on his back on the cot. His economic prosperity is a product of his corrupt and selfish campaign. Your commentary must be at least 150 words (the"d passage does not figure into the word count). All of these styles can be found. Similar to Jesus when he paraded the streets of Jerusalem performing miracles and healing the townspeople, the senator made it a point to walk through the town and untroubled the citizens of their worries. Summing up, the story is not all about power and money but of a man, who when told of his death, created an illusion of love a man who pretended hating someone by his side but. However, with Sanchez finally accepting the idea of death and just going for a last fling with Laura, the ending of the story, ultimately showed awakening on the part of the Senator with him realizing that concealed beneath. In this case the senator is absorbed by his lust for her, and his natural instincts are telling him to have sex with her. Sanchez lived with the idea that Laura did not actually love him or want to stay with him, causing his death to become less dreadful. He knew that Laura did not really love him or did she want to be with him.

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In what way is it thought provoking? Then came the trucks with the rented Indians who were carried into the towns to enlarge the crowds at public ceremonies (2849). This can be compared to the biblical accounts in the book of Revelation regarding the second coming of Christ to make a new world for his believers. This directly shows how powerless and vulnerable the senator is in the face of death. His love for Laura Farina becomes a means for him to sublimate his fear of death into sensual passion. What have you got there? He attributes his unique writing style to his childhood experiences, and various stories his grandparents would tell him. Later in the story he clearly vocalizes his feelings of isolation and hopelessness to Laura when he says, Forget about the key, and sleep awhile with. Marxists use the term reification to characterize the way in which people are seen as useful commodities.

From a psychological standpoint, several Freudian defense mechanisms are displayed through the storys protagonist, senator Sanchez. "Forget about the key, he said, and sleep awhile with. Sanchezs character screams of an intense power or influence, yet is silently fighting for loneliness or boredom (Marquez 471). Love is an emotional feeling in the soul and the basis of everyday life. When he saw Farina, he was instantly taken aback by her beauty. You will type a direct" passage, word for word, from our reading, and under it you will type your commentary on the". We will write a custom essay sample on, death, constant, beyond, love specifically for you for only.9/page, order now, according to philosopher Paul Ricouer, Marxist literary criticism demonstrates the hermeneutics of suspicion, which is an approach concerned. These terminologies are inevitable depictions of Sanchezs illusions that were expressed through the supernatural writing style of Marquez. This is aside from his evident ability to set a mood and make his readers understand deeply the characters of the Senator death constant beyond love essay and Laura. A padlock, she said. The background of corruption, poverty, and the political campaign become rather insignificant to the broader themes of love and death. At age 42, he is happily married, and in mid career controlling both his and other citizens lives as a successful politician. Its good to be with someone when youre so alone (2855).