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Organisational culture dissertation

organisational culture dissertation

3 pages, 1019 words, the Essay on Financial Strategy For The Southwest Airlines. Quinn analyze and distinguish organizational cultures by such parameters: the most important characteristics: the principles of intra-organizational relationships and people's orientation; the overall style of leadership in the organization; management of employees; the connecting entity of the organization; strategic goals; success criteria. Journal of organisational change management, Vol. Hp and IBMs organizational culture is being reviewed to assess their ways of working and motivating its staff members. Taboos are the indicators of what should not be done in the organization.

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Branston,., Ineson,. She focuses on the long-term benefit of personal development, attaches importance to the high degree of team cohesion and moral climate. Culture is described as a system of shared meaning, it is expected that every individual with various backgrounds or at different levels in the company will be liable to define the culture of organization in a similar manner (Flamholtz, and Randle, 2011). Southwest Airlines is noted for operating according to basic assumptions that value employees welfare and providing high-quality services. American Airlines Flight 77 crashes. Geert Hofstede study demonstrated that there are national and regional cultural groupings that affect the behaviour of societies and organizations, and that are very persistent across time. Southwest Airline has an outreach program for every culture and lifestyle the employee volunteer organisational culture dissertation more. The Hayes Group International. It is the performance or activities that results when a group assembles generally to work on a common platform (Martin, 2001). It is one of the most significant parts of the research report as keeping in mind all the main topic of the study, some suitable and valuable academic and scholarly articles and journals are chosen and are defined. Hence, in this report a brief discussion and analysis would be done to assess the importance of organizational culture in todays era. Success means the production (provision) of unique and new products and (or) services.

A very formal and structured workplace. Business Horizons, 48, 535-545. Organizational Culture: Can It Be a Source of Sustained Competitive Advantage. There are many popular videos about the funny safety speech made by Southwest flight attendant that consists of rapping or singing when they present the safety rules such as Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation that is recently the most popular video on the internet. Quinn is devoted to the analysis of organizational culture and its change. Such values and beliefs include trust, effort, basis of reward and honesty; these must be followed through to growth a culture. Retrieved from m Hofstede,. To assess the effects of cultural differences on overall performance of an organization.

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In the United States, Southwest Airlines has been the most successful airline in its industry. Hilarious Southwest Airline Safety Presentation (Open Captions) Video file. In this report secondary data collection method will be used for this different journal, articles, books and publications of various authors will be reviewed. View Sample Order Now references Aaldering,., 2010. 7 pages, 3112 words 1 Background of Southwest Airlines, southwest Airlines is a major American airline and pioneer in low-fare air transportation in the world, based in Dallas, Texas. Industry as a Cultural Grouping (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). References Alvesson,., Berg,. 4 Explanation of Framework. Organizational culture includes the way any individual or a group interact and converse a message to each other, their customers and stakeholders. Schein (2004) defined organizational culture as a dynamic phenomenon that surrounds us at all times, being constantly enacted and created by our interactions with others and shaped by leadership behavior, and a set of structures, routines, rules, and norms that guide and constrain behavior. Retrieved from Southwest Airlines website: m Deal,.

From a radical humanist paradigm though this may seem a balanced organizational organisational culture dissertation culture it seems to be a strategy for the company to get hold of the employees from moving to different organization. Cultural Congruence Model: A framework for examining organizational culture. Sociological Paradigms, functionalist Paradigm (objective regulation Individuals in this paradigm rest upon the premise that society has a real concrete existence and a systematic character and is directed toward the production of order and regulation. Furthermore, the organization prides itself on doing business with and selling its products on policies and guidelines. Googles Three levels of Organizational Culture Although the above models have been applied to help analyze the organizational culture, like any other theory they have their shortcomings. Furthermore, to remove the distribution of power distance the company believes in transparency of information from the CEO Eric Schmidt sharing information with that of a junior most employee such as that of an Ad Words Representative. The social science enterprise is believed to be objective and value-free. Getting Top Grades is No Longer a Dream for You.

Dissertation, organizational, culture, sample

Managing organizational knowledge as a strategic asset. The effect of organizational culture relates to its strength. Other than this numerous factors like validity and reliability of research, ethical considerations is also being defined with equal importance in order to maintain the exactness of research (Flick, 2011). A relaxed atmosphere at work makes Southwest Airlines employees happy and this also keeps customers coming back because they like this style. Details of the various approaches to understanding the essence, structure and parameters of organizational culture can be found in the writings of such authors. As you can see, the full definition of the concept of culture includes many components of its elements, levels, meanings. In this context the specific questionnaire for this research report will highlight the significance of organizational culture and on the methods and scope through which the company Hewlett-Packard shapes its organizational culture. The data collection for this analysis is based on a subjective and objective perspective, the subjective data being the authors observations, perceptions and experiences, and the objective being that which is communicated and believed within the organization over the years. Corey,., and Corey,., 2010. (Southwest Airlines, 2014) Southwest Airlines was founded in 1967 by Rolling King and Herb Kelleher. Each author has his own idea of the nature and structure of this phenomenon, its place in the organization, its significance for the subjects of the organization and their development.

Organizational culture and technological innovation adoption in private hospitals. In contrary organisational culture dissertation to this hp has implemented a very adaptable and flexible working ambiance where everyone is offered an area for creativity and innovation and is led free to achieve new heights in business. Airline to report a profit in the third. P.,.d.) Southwest Airlines implicates no layoff policy. Individualism holds that the individual is the primary unit of reality and the ultimate standard of value. Corporate culture and organizational symbolism. Employees can use any talents they have in order to entertain the customers as long as they make them happy. Success is defined in terms of a good sense for consumers and caring for people. Passenger jet, American Airlines Flight 11 out of Boston, Massachusetts, crashes into the north tower of the World Trade Center, tearing. H,1997) Although, the shared cognition or beliefs may seem the simplest understanding of organizational culture, it also interprets a team effort and the significance of sharing the same views and progressing that belief or perception but not regressing.

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Though, the organisational culture dissertation organization being based nationally in that of India the organizational culture has not been influenced as yet by the national culture. The organization believes in funding projects that have 10 chance of earning a billion dollars over the long term as in the past pursuit of such projects have resulted in long term success. This success is largely due to its effective human resource practices, most of which fall under the rubric of employee. IBM follows a rigid and prescribed form of work surroundings and demands that their employee should only focus on the work they are being assigned. Retrieved 07 21, 2009, from m: ml Scheins model ml Weber, M (1987). The similarities between both models are focused on the physical assumptions that shape the ideology of culture and lead to the norms and values. Experts: Fairer hiring will improve diversity. Conclusion In conclusion the task has been challenging and educative for the author in comprehending the structure and culture of an organization though in many instances the observations could be in many aspects be influenced as an employee. The culture at Southwest places a very high value on people.

Culture basically represents the shared beliefs, attitudes, customs, set of rules that an organization develops over the time period. From the link rtune/m. The focus of the outlook is adjusted to competitive actions, the solution of the tasks set and the achievement of measurable goals. However, my opinion on Google have changed understanding the difference of culture in an organization challenging the national culture in certain areas and understanding the cultural practice comparing other organization in different parts of the world. In spite of such difference hps net annual revenue was greater than IBM.e. Southwests website states happy employees happy customers and this is the culture they operate with every day.

To assess your own priorities and values, your organization's values and the main value priorities of your country is especially important in cases when a person strives to achieve harmony at work and plans long-term career advancement. Army Senior Level Officer Corps (Doctoral dissertation, The Pennsylvania State University). The researcher will make an attempt to finish of the study within the specified time period and will follow all the ethical procedure that are required during the process of research and all the accumulated results and identity of the respondents would be kept confidential. The organization is held together through devotion and tradition. In such circumstances hp has molded itself with the prevailing atmosphere of the region and people, for instance it has a difference of work culture in UK and India. Additional, An onion diagram of organizational culture that developed by Hofstede. It is important to be a leader in the market of products or services. Furthermore, the focus of study is from a radical humanistic point of view, the author falls under this paradigm believing that change begins with individual.

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(Southwest, 2015) The culture at Southwest Airlines is visible in many ways. Hewlett-Packards scope of business is vast in size and structure and company is operated worldwide with various facilities of research and innovation. Southwest Airlines also has a long tradition of bridging the work divide by seeking to accommodate the needs of families through flexible scheduling and ensuring that managers do not devote too much time to the job at the expense of their families. Positioning Southwest Airlines through employee branding. By adapting the Schein framework, we can approach understanding of the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines. Rodrigo, december 20, 2012, writePass - Essay Writing - Dissertation Topics TOC. HP is one of the biggest information technology companies and operates in near about the entire nation. The organization is concerned about its employees well being and gives every opportunity to learn best practices through teams. Ltd seemed distant from this dimensional score. There are several other attributes due to which hp is recognized for offering a world class organizational environment to its workforce, it often provides outstanding rewards and benefits to its employees that gives a better sense of value and growth to them.

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6.2 Sociological Paradigm: Though the sociological paradigm has been a well-accepted theory in Organizational management its acceptance within the social sciences have done so with little regard to the models internal consistency. Analyzing an organization is no more than studying first its genesis its mottos and beliefs and the future it holds for the society that it resides. There are many different lenses, which exist for viewing and understanding the world, and what follows will be a necessary simplification of a complex and constantly shifting set of boundaries that define the current paradigms (Penny cook,. Second, it is a popular viewpoint be used in many literatures on organization culture. This part of the report will also provide validation to the method of research and with the help of diverse research philosophies and approaches. (Sun,.,2008) Third, Alvesson Berg, (1992) indicate that the framework having received less criticism. In an organizational context culture is something that could not be seen and can only be observed and felt in the work place. In this part various journals and articles will be assessed to acquire an in depth knowledge about the various aspects and importance of culture in an organization. These basic assumptions especially from the continuous use of a problem solution that are often so fundamental and repeatedly been successful in the past and has unconsciously been taken for granted. Although it cannot be quantified the specific level of risk that the organization is willing to undertake, as the ratio of reward to risk increases, the organization is ready to accept projects further outside the current businesses, if the.

(1997) Laws and rules are ways in which a society tries to prevent uncertainties in the behaviour of people. The author being in the quadrant of the Interpretivist Paradigm identifies with the organization being a merge of care and value systems. These authors proceed from the notion of culture of organization and types of organizational cultures other than ane and.Hofstede. Structure OF THE research, the accomplished research should be a structured piece of work that is performed in a chronological order, each and every step of the reviewed work are mutually dependent on each other and hence appropriate. 3.2 Theories applied, the analysis of the organization has been done on the transformational factor, Organizational culture, with a correlation to that of the authors paradigm on Burrell Morgans Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis, Heinemann, 1979. This paradigm possess a pragmatic orientation, it is concerned with understanding society in a way that produces useful, usable knowledge. Research questions aids in forming an appropriate structure towards the aims and objectives of report in an analytical way. They see the current dominant ideologies as separating people from their true selves. Furthermore, strong cultures tend to be long-lasting.

Leaders are proud that they are rationally thinking coordinators and organizers. Through the rite in the Southwest Airlines, it shows the warmth and friendly culture in the company. Southwest Airlines has acquired many awards, such as it had been ranked as 18th on the Worlds Most Respected Companies by Financial Times (2011) and was given the title; the worlds most admired companies for 20 consecutive years in Fortunes 2014 list. Structure in Fives Designing Effective Organizations :Prentice Hall organisational culture dissertation Inc. The organization believes that many of their significant advances have happened in this manner for example, Adsense and Orkut. Southwest Airlines has had several slogans that have indicated companys value and caught the attention of customers and employee, such as Just Plane Smart (Southwest Airlines, 1992).

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Portals are constantly created for employees to voice their opinion and come up with solutions and ideas for existing and futuristic problems. In every organization a common culture is being followed because people from diverse cultural and regional backgrounds work under single umbrella so, it is very much important that a collective set of belief and behavior should be implemented so that. Hence, like most significant theories every shortcoming gives thought for future theories. G, (1997) stated that management in an individualist society is management of individuals. In the level of artefacts and creations, these visible indicators cab be observed by employee in the southwest airline and outsiders. Belfry, M and Schmidt,. On reflection, the author recollects that even though the work experience in the organization was the first of her professional life, her start at the organization did not give her a distant feeling. Google being an American based organization with an Indian investment there is no difference on this dimension. This research report is conducted to gain an in-depth knowledge about the organizational culture and its significance in the current environment and how it is beneficial for the employees working in an organization.

It is critical to maintain the smooth running of the organization. The third and core level of organizational cultural performance is basic assumptions. Success is defined in terms of supply reliability, smooth schedules and low costs. Retrieved on 29th July 2009. (2008) reported that Southwest Airlines is committed to avoiding layoffs at all costs during the recession and employees in the company have never felt that their job is in jeopardy due to the economy. (1997) is based on Scheins model. 4.3.3 -Masculinity Defining the value placed on traditionally male or female value systems this dimension evaluates as to whether the organization gives importance to competitiveness, assertiveness, ambition and accumulation of wealth characteristics of the masculine culture or emphasis on relationships. In 2011, the celebration of 40th Anniversary Southwest Airlines held 40th Anniversary parties at three citiesDallas, Houston, and San Antonio (Southwest Airlines, 2014).

In a research report the survey questions helps in providing precise direction to the study in order to complete the research that could be undertaken in an effective manner. 4.2 Definition of Organizational Culture with Google culture. According to the Southwest report, the company will hold an event called Heroes of the Heart every year on Valentines Day. Leaders are firm leaders and tough competitors. Indicates that Scheins model is lack of the dynamic role of assumptions and beliefs in creating and changing organizational culture. 2004) These values and beliefs informs employees of exactly what is expected of them and help them understand the organization. This unusual language style also provides leaders at Southwest Airlines with many opportunities to spread and connect Southwests corporate culture together.

Scheins three levels of the organisational culture dissertation manifestation of organizational culture can be depicted as an iceberg as presented in figure 2, with the most visible level at the top which is artefacts. Google also maintains its organizational culture on the simple terms of futuristic and selfless thought which is to be shared and followed, as rightly put across by one of its founders Sergey Brin I actually dont think keeping the culture is a goal. On the other hand, there are some critiques of Schein model form scholars viewpoints. Normally, employees work harder to achieve organizational missions if they immerse themselves in the organizational culture. (2010) proposed the model developed by martins extend more on the interaction between the organizational sub-systems, the two survival functions, namely the external environment and the internal systems, and the culture dimensions. First, He divided culture into three levels, namely artifacts, values and basic assumptions. 2 Induction of The Practice. Groups: Process and Practice.8th.

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Employees are supported, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 20 of their time working in what they think will most benefit the organisational culture dissertation Organization. I think improving the culture. Organization Studies, 19(3 477-492. However, as well said by David Collins (1996 understanding the persons paradigm from a questionnaire cannot give the person the right view of which paradigm we fall in as its just simple exercise and the reader understanding. Http m / Adam Lashinky(January 29, 2008) Google wins again.

Beliefs and Norms Powerpoint. For most companies, an organization is neither a science nor an art; its an oxymoron. Southwest Airlines created many rites to do with employees. Southwest Airlines was able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering the lowest prices. trip ticket on Southwest Airlines for fundraising or transportation needs(m). IBM and hp both of organisational culture dissertation the companies are in computer business, in terms of culture IBM is following more of formal and stoic culture whereas, hp is having more of informal.e. The organization ties together the emphasis on the desire to win. Organizational Perception Interpretation.1 Burrell Morgans Sociological Paradigms. It is not a result from systematic, methodical planning but, shaped more by politics than by policies.

organisational culture dissertation

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Secondly, the organization should communicate about its culture among its workforce that what it wants from its employees and could summarize the mission of business in a short form (Milberg, 2009). The culture of any of the organization should be designed in such a manner that it could be easily accepted by everyone and should be made in lieu with the existing and new employees common culture. The main philosophy that is being implemented in this organization is that they provide autonomy to their employees in work and at the same time offer efficient teamwork and knowledge sharing culture in order to maintain the line of communication. Reputation and success is a common concern. Southwest Airlines create an environment that combines humor with responsibility. According to Brown, G (2014) Organizational artifacts and creations be split into six characteristics : 4 pages, 1634 words, the Business plan on Southwest Airlines Corp. Retrieved January 5, 2014, from. People are ready to set their own necks and take risks. Burrell,., Morgan, G(1979). With approximately 20,000 employees working for this organization it has been voted by Fortune Magazine as The Best Company to work for the second time in February 2008.

Why does the new head of the company bring a new team with him? The author also takes into count the strength of the workforce and the significant department in concern in which the author was a count for and worked for. In Cameron and Quinn's book "Diagnosis and Change in Organizational Culture" A tool for assessing the current and desirable state of organizational culture (questionnaire) is also provided. The strength of the workforce noted to be an exact number of a 1000 employees for the year who worked for this subsidiary handling the Online Sales Operation for Asia Pacific, with Ad Words being the main revenue generating. In these conditions, the standard, or a sample for comparison with the culture of your organization and analysis, is difficult to choose. Of 127 billion and of IBM 106.9 billion (Rasmussen, 2012). The author has chosen to talk about the Google culture from an Interpretivism perspective as she worked as an Ad Words Representative for the organisation. (1998) note that Southwest Airlines is a model company in providing both frequent spontaneous praise (acknowledgment) on current behaviors as well as having formal recognition programs which reward past behaviors. Here's how these authors describe the characteristics of cultures. In the long term, the organization focuses on the growth and acquisition of new resources. The presence of employee values that are contrary to the values of the company, is the main source of frustration, conflict and a decline in productivity. According to the Southwest Airlines official report, the airline has nearly 46,000 employees and operates more than 3,400 flights per day.