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47 The Flower Girl, a revolutionary opera allegedly penned by Kim Il-Sung himself, was turned into a movie, the most popular one in North Korea. If…

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The value of groupthink is that it helps explain one factor that could lower the probability of a successful decision outcome. Group pressures and norms…

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Keep your language and tone formal and objective. They may catch errors that you missed, or point out passages that need to be clarified or reworded.…

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Famous essays on motivation in the workplace

famous essays on motivation in the workplace

2 Pages(500 words)Essay Motivation in the Workplace. According to this theory, individuals get strongly motivated by the influence of five fundamental needs which can be identified as the physiological needs, safety needs, needs for love and belongingness, needs for self-esteem, and self-actualization needs. Workplace belonging comes in the form of general socialising, working in teams, opportunity to participate in group activities breeding strong team relationships and encouraging employee motivation. As such motivation is paramount, within the Aftermarket environment, to meeting our customer demands and delivering against our growth strategy. Though the university has taken name for being good in terms of teaching and research quality, there is enough bureaucracy in the organization that affected the motivational factors. Motivation enhances initiation and determination in activities. We need to be mindful of these and check if there are conflicting priorities and workloads and we need take these into account where deadlines are imposed. Job rotation is a way of keeping the employee from boredom of the same routine.

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We can also say that motivation is the willingness to work at a certain level of effort. In order to maximise their potential and encourage their motivation levels we must, as a business, provide enough opportunities so they can learn more and more about certain skills so that these can add value to the team, department and their own development. The need for self-actualization. Set clear goals for employee performance using smart objectives see below Encourage good performance through rewards and reinforcement. The word motivation is derived from a Latin word movere, meaning to move. It is when an employee is paid a fixed amount for each unit of production. By doing this, we can avoid a team member feeling insecure and undervalued which will, no doubt, decrease their motivation and productivity. For enhancing my own motivation at work, I would keep a positive attitude about things. He showed that certain factors truly motivate (motivators whereas others tended to lead to dissatisfaction (hygiene factors). 8 Pages(2000 words)Essay Motivation in the Workplace?

Reality however is that every employee has different ways to become motivated famous essays on motivation in the workplace and as leaders and managers we need to get to know, and understand, our employees well and be able to use different tactics to motivate each. If they make mistakes, consider it a learning experience and help or encourage them to correct errors and try again. Another motivator for the workplace is alternative work arrangements. Maintain open communication with all employees. Simply put motivated employees perform better! We need to ensure our workforce is consulted and asked their opinions when decisions are being made, especially if they are concerning matters affecting their own work and or department. I believe Maslows theory clearly highlights that having our needs met is a great motivator for loyalty and continued productivity. Essays - 1750 words,.d. According to McClelland, these motivators are learned (which is why this theory is sometimes called the Learned Needs Theory).

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Journal Of Research On Christian Education, 16(2 211-241. AC.1 Select a theory of motivation and apply this to your workplace. 3 Pages(750 words)Research Paper Motivation In The Workplace? The first thing I will need to do is examine which if the three motivators, as discussed above, is dominant for each person. When providing feedback to these people, be personal. Workplace, book Report/Review Example Topics and Well Written. Alderfers did not believe that each level had to be attained in sequence before moving on to the next. Its still important to give balanced feedback, if we start by emphasizing their good working relationship and your trust in them, theyre then likely be more open to what we say. If we manage our teams badly with poor working conditions and low pay then this would not motivate anyone. Employees are only driven by what Herzberg identified as motivational factors which give a deeper sense of achievement and meaning. Retrieved 20:03, May 21, 2019, from. If we want to create a motivational environment we need to ensure, as leaders, we look at adopting the following culture within our teams in Hawker Siddeley.

Employees receive the same pay and benefits as they would if they were working the traditional schedule. The difference between these theories is Maslow believed that you have to fulfill these needs in order to move to the next level of needs. We can, however, create a workplace environment that will inspire and support strong motivation on the part of employees. Motivation is the desire to do something. m, ml (accessed May 21, 2019). An alternative work arrangement is any arrangement which is different from the tradition nine to five while still getting 40 hours a week. Since the focus would be on industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology which defines the study of organizational and work setting behavior and the application of principles, methods and facts on psychology to groups and. It is therefore important we promote a culture of knowledge sharing, helping each other, communication, respect, one that has the flexibility to absorb mistakes will have more motivated staff than one where mistakes are not tolerated, one where layers.

After the basic needs, second place of the hierarchy is the need for safety which includes shelter and security and thus tends to be the motivating factors for individuals. Examples of hygiene needs in the workplace are famous essays on motivation in the workplace policy, relationship with colleagues and or leaders, work conditions, salary, company car, status, security, personal life. Some people are meant to become leaders and others are just meant to be the support system or mere followers. I will then need to structure my approach to the leadership style I choose and also the project, assignment or given task Im asking of each team member to undertake. Motivation is an internal state, like emotions and attitudes, which only the individual can control. The needs for safety and security are fairly self-explanatory.

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Journal Of Personal Selling Sales Management, 32(3 379-393. In the workplace these needs are associated, as shown above, with things such as providing a comfortable work space, with clean air, lighting, warmth and salary. Beyond the basic human needs for food, water and clean air, Maslow introduced other layers; physiological needs, safety and security needs, love and belonging needs, and the need to know ones self, in that order. Telecommuting is also an alternative work arrangement. We all consider work a place to get our physical needs met: work for money to exchange for shelter, food, etc. When you are redesigning jobs, you may want to consider job rotation. Motivation could also be understood through the application of theories and discussion of the pros and cons of financial incentives. Motivation is the key to for any business that wants to be successful. It is important to note that the size of the business does not matter; whether a manager I trying to get the best out of twenty or fifty of your staff or just one, every employee requires some form of motivation.

So the impact of applying a motivational theory, if carried out successfully, is critical to having an enthused, dedicated, focused willing to go the extra mile team delivering against clear set targets and objectives and ultimately succeeding in our vision! Motivation in the Workplace Book Report/Review Example Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words,.d. Retrieved from motivation -in-the- workplace ( Motivation in the Workplace Book Report/Review Example Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words) Motivation in the Workplace Book Report/Review Example Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words. So motivation can also be defined as those forces that cause people to behave in certain ways the level of desire employees feel to perform, regardless of the level of happiness. Motivation IN THE work place Introduction Many organizational managers are not aware of the effects of motivation on their business, and it is therefore, significant they learn and comprehend the factors that determine and encourage positive motivation in the work place. Alternate work arrangements may motivate people at work also.

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They are the needs that every human has to stay away from dangerous places, and cause people to become afraid, nervous, and anxious. These fundamental needs have been ranked according to their importance and impact on the human behavior in the hierarchy which are discussed below (Management Consulting Courses,.d.). Pages 26, introduction, this research paper will explain to you about the motivation in the workplace. Motivation can be defined as forces within an individual that account for the level, direction, and persistence of effort expended at work (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2003). People become aware that their work is worthwhile, at both individual and organisational levels, that they are working within a culture and environment that is encouraging and that they have power over how well they complete their allocated. Focus on delivery to our customers. Employees need to know their responsibilities and have a clear understanding about what they need to accomplish at the end of the day. Read Text, preview, extract of sample motivation in the. So as leaders we need to get it right and understand that a one size approach will not fit all. As a leader I know I can help my team want to come to work, help and support their motivation levels by creating a work environment in which they not only can feel respected and of worth but empowered and positive. Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Religious Commitment of Full-Time University Employees. Motivation In The Workplace One of the greatest enemy of mankind in this modern world would be routine. According to Maslows theory on the five levels.

Flexible work time is an alternative work arrangement. 8 Pages(2000 words)Essay sponsored ads We use cookies to create the best experience for you. I would also keep in mind that I do not spend 24 hours at work. Let us find you another Book Report/Review on topic Motivation in the Workplace for free! Alderfers theory is in three categories: existence, relatedness, and growth. Motivation of human resource leads to maximized performance and achievement of higher corporate success.

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It plays a huge role in any workplace. These needs are based on the human desires for security and stability. One type is called piece rate pay. Motivation in the Workplace Currently, many employers are finding it difficult to motivate employees due to their different needs and preferences. Motivation Discretionary Effort / Behaviour High Performing / Loyal Staff Drive Performance / Profit / Growth The have to do attitude becoming the want to do attitude, through motivation and discretionary behaviours and efforts, whilst encompassing and aligning. The Aftermarket factory has also been formally established, famous essays on motivation in the workplace with focus on both skill levels and product knowledge, and, therefore, aligning commercial and engineering processes in support of this.e. As leaders, we need to develop and encourage good employee performance, and good performance comes from strong employee motivation but we cant motivate employees, its down to them! AC.2 Evaluate the principal factors that may affect performance and motivation in the workplace. As a leader I now see that I need to have a level of understanding if Im to be in a position to motivate my team. Flex time helps employees meet the difficulties of family life, illness and personal emergencies. We need to ensure they have the right tools, equipment and resources in order to perform well. Work is not a social event, but people who work together may be at best friendly and kind, and at the very least courteous and civil. 1 Pages(250 words)Essay Leadership and Motivation in the Workplace.

Comments (0) check these samples OF Motivation in the Workplace famous essays on motivation in the workplace Motivation in the Workplace? The pyramid below shows how these needs are categorised. It is motivation which keeps an employee performing and striving to become better at doing their job. It also decrease employee stress, reduce sick leave, and increase productivity. Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs shows us that some of our needs take precedence over others. Motivation in the Workplace Introduction One of the greatest assets in an organization has been noted to be human resources and that a vital component of management should be motivation of this resource (Bal, Jong, Jansen Bakker, 2011). Employees may want to do their job well to receive promotions.

People who work for the love of their job are showing intrinsic motivation. Continually develop employees to keep motivation high. I will need to recognise that people are different, make work interesting, famous essays on motivation in the workplace show appreciation recognition, ensure employees feel involved in the work process, allow them the opportunity to get a sense of achievement, have job security, give them increased. I can also use these motivators to craft, or design, the job around individuals ensuring the best outcomes are achieved. The lower version is the need for recognition, fame, the respect and appreciation of others, and even dominance. motivation in the, workplace.". I can then use this information to help set goals, provide appropriate feedback, motivate and reward team members. Until and unless these physiological needs are not satisfied completely, they continue to influence the human behavior and act as a motivating factor (Management Consulting Courses,.d.). Our book states that employee on this work arrangement are expected to work eight hours and to be there during core hours, but they are free to work their remaining hours however they choose. There are two types of pay for performance programs.

Adding value to a company results in new opportunities for the companies. I will stay motivated my surrounding myself with positive motivated people. Any task we set our teams need to be clear in their objectives, specific about what we want, the standard with which we expect it to be delivered and the timeframe or deadline for carrying it out. However, they are, but the main department to oversee that would be the HR department and organizational leaders. Cite this document, summary, the present book review motivation in the. At its best this can be seen in work through providing interesting challenges to our employees that provides them the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally. Motivation can also be defined as something inside a person that drives them to action. People will have different characteristics depending on their dominant need /motivator. According to Maslows (1954) view of individual needs, job satisfaction is said to exist when the job and its environment meet an individuals needs. In other words, you get paid for the work you complete. The cons to financial incentives is that every employee may not get the same amount of financial incentives and that may lead to feelings of unfair treatment at work. Work captures everything at work from the way people enter the office to the way they leave, the way they dress to the way they eat, its how they do things at work, they could be official or non- official. Responsibility needs to be shared for any given task and the individual needs to understand the wiifm Whats in it for.

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M, (December 31, 1969). Employees who are adequately motivated to perform will be more productive, more engaged and feel more invested in their work. Intrinsic motivation refers to performing an activity for the inherent enjoyment or satisfaction derived famous essays on motivation in the workplace from the activity. This is the need to be the best that you can be and the need to reach goals and continue reaching them. Finally, we have reached the top of the pyramid! Essay Topic:, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! As such, this research study aims to uncover the factors that influence employee motivation in the workplace. However we always have to give consideration that they may have other demands that they are expected to deliver against as well as ours. The physiological needs are the needs for oxygen, minerals, water, vitamins, and sugar.

Motivation comes from within, so, as leaders need to cultivate and direct the motivation that our employees already have. What they can do is to create the right settings that will motivate the workers. Thus, this paper seeks to define motivation in the context of workplace. People motivated by achievement work very effectively either alone or with other high achievers. It is important to understand that employees are not unmotivated by hygiene factors but feel dissatisfied without them. Achieve in relation to a set of standards. Reward and Recognise high achieving employees. The pros to using financial incentives in the workplace are employees job satisfaction may increase. We can encourage a sense of safety and security in our team, within hssl, by letting them know we appreciate their efforts.

We must encourage staff to direct their efforts their driving force towards the successful attainment of the goals and objectives of the organisation. McClelland says that, regardless of our gender, culture, or age, we all have three motivating drivers, and one of these will be our dominant motivating driver. If the individual lacks the skills, knowledge and or experience to do what is required we must provide adequate training. Ensure hygiene factors are sufficient enough so employees dont become demotivated. Different organizations approach the issue of motivation differently and the role of its integration is in the hand of all immediate managers and supervisors of staff. If possible rotate employees roles to keep Job interest high. We will write a custom essay.