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Newspaper terminology definitions

newspaper terminology definitions

Joseph (2001 Yellow Journalism: Puncturing the Myths, Defining the Legacies, Praeger Emory, Edwin; Emory, Michael (1984 The Press and America (4th. Backbone High-volume, central, generally long-haul portion of a data network. Ad delivery Two methods are used to deliver ad content to the user server-initiated and client-initiated, which are explained in the diagrams below. The input from the form is processed by a program (the CGI script itself) on a remote Web server. Hearst, etymology and early usage, the term was coined in the mid-1890s to characterize the sensational journalism in the circulation war between. The Magnificent Hotel and Its Rich Adornments Now a Smoldering heap of Ashes. Bumper Ad Usually refers to a linear video ad with clickable call-to-action; format is usually shorter than full linear ads (i.e. The initial file load size of an ad is limited in order to preserve the page load performance and thus the users web browsing experience. 3G 3G is the Third Generation mobile network infrastructure. At a campaign level, this service is conducted by a third party to validate that a publisher delivered what an advertiser had requested. The development of the format is sponsored by Google, and the corresponding software is distributed under a BSD license. Ad network Ad networks provide an outsourced sales capability for publishers and a means to aggregate inventory and audiences from numerous sources in a single buying opportunity for media buyers.

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A, b C,. (Winter 1970 "The Cuban Crisis in Minnesota Newspapers: Testing the 'Yellow Journalism' Theory Journalism Quarterly, 47,. . Sign up to receive news about the IAB programs, standards, events, classes, and more! Affinity marketing Selling products or services to customers on the basis of their established buying patterns. Banner ads are a form of display advertising that can range from a static graphic to full motion video. An English magazine in 1898 noted, "All American journalism is not 'yellow though all strictly 'up-to-date' yellow journalism is American!" 6 The term was coined by Erwin Wardman, the editor of the New York Press. Ad collapses and the ad unit should return to its original state. If the latter is true, some content needs to be inserted into the work of art concerned. (1995 "Hully Gee, It's a WAR! Advertisement A commercial message targeted to an advertisers customer or prospect. Arrival of the Unfortunate Victims on the Morning's Train A History of Hotel del Monte The Plans for Rebuilding the Celebrated Hostelry Particulars and Supposed Origin of the Fire. Hogan's Alley, a comic strip revolving around a bald child in a yellow nightshirt (nicknamed The Yellow Kid became exceptionally popular when cartoonist Richard.

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Prentice Hall Kaplan, Richard. This adaptive streaming technique allows for a streaming experience using progressive download of several small chunks of video at different bitrates. Creative Dimensions Measured in pixels, the width and height of an ad unit (WxH). Ad serving The delivery of ads by a server to an end users computer on which the ads are then displayed by a browser and/or cached. A collection, usually annual, of statistics and facts, newspaper terminology definitions both current and retrospective. Shepard Fairey (b.1970) for the Barack Obama presidential campaign (2008). The pictorial setting, along with increased size, adds a new dimension and power to the words themselves. Each time the browser must retrieve content from another server, a file request is made. When McKinley was shot on September 6, 1901, critics accused Hearst's Yellow Journalism of driving Leon Czolgosz to the deed.

newspaper terminology definitions

Having clamored for a fight for two years, Hearst took credit for the conflict when it came: A week after the United States declared war on Spain, he ran "How do you like the Journal's war?" on his front page. Conversion Pixel A web beacon that transmits to a third-party server that a user has successfully completed a process such as purchase or registration. 27 Rather, war came because public opinion was sickened by the bloodshed, and because leaders like McKinley realized that Spain had lost control of Cuba. Versions of the file at different levels of compression (quality) can be served based on detection of the users Internet bandwidth. Ad servers use 302 redirects to allow them to track activities such as ad requests or ad clicks. Cache busting The process by which sites or servers serve content or html in such a manner as to minimize or prevent browsers or proxies from serving content from their cache. (March 1940 "Middle Western Newspapers and the Spanish American War, 18951898 Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 26 (4. .

newspaper terminology definitions

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Those UAP ad units are no longer recommended nor supported by IAB. The key difference files and gzip is that zip is used for storing files, and gzip is used for compressing files that are in transmission from one server to another. "You Furnish the Legend, I'll Furnish the"". Looking for information under its author's name is one option in searching.". In modern computers, the GPU handles graphical processing, decreasing the processing burden handled by the CPU. 11 Older publishers, envious of Pulitzer's success, began criticizing the World, harping on its crime stories and stunts while ignoring its more serious reporting trends which influenced the popular perception of yellow journalism. Also known as: beacon, web beacon, action tag, redirect, etc. On Kawara may be a clever conceptualist, but the text in his "Today" series is too minimalist to be more than a conceptual reminder of what is theoretically possible. The result is multiple images, displayed sequentially, giving the appearance of movement. Close X A creative control that enables a user to close an ad (remove it from view) or to reduce an expanded panel back to its original size. Rising Stars Display Ad Units IAB invited companies and individuals to submit ad templates designed to drive brand equity. They are under evaluation and will be delisted soon. Pop-up Ad Any advertising experience where visiting a website in an initial browser window initiates a secondary browser window to deliver an ad impression directly above the initial browser window.

Blog A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log) is a web-published journal consisting of discrete entries (posts) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Moov atom A video data object in a media file used to execute the video. Creative An advertising unit created by an ad designer, in accordance with publisher specifications and guidelines, for the purpose of communicating a marketing message to that publishers audience. Cached ad impressions The delivery of an advertisement to a browser from local cache or a proxy servers cache. Animated GIF An animation created by combining multiple GIF images in one file. The hubris contained in this newspaper terminology definitions supposed telegram, however, does reflect the spirit of unabashed self-promotion that was a hallmark of the yellow press and of Hearst in particular. 16 Competition in New York With the success of the Examiner established by the early 1890s, Hearst began looking for a New York newspaper to purchase, and acquired the New York Journal in 1895, a penny paper which Pulitzer's. In a counterattack, Hearst raided the staff of the World in 1896. Publishers should transition to the aspect ratio ad units with flexible ad sizing listed in the new ad portfolio. They are now replaced by the IAB New Ad Portfolio.

The best example of Pop "word art" is Robert Indiana's love sculpture (1970, original in the newspaper terminology definitions Indianapolis Museum of Art a work full of emotional content. Behavioral targeting Using previous online user activity (e.g., pages visited, content viewed, searches, clicks and purchases) to generate a segment which is used to match advertising creative to users (sometimes also called Behavioral Profiling, Interest-based Advertising, or online behavioral advertising). Bonus impressions Additional ad impressions above the commitments outlined in the approved insertion order. Host-initiated Any activity that is auto-initiated. Ad audience The number of unique users exposed to an ad within a specified time period. Aaaa, founded in 1917, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (aaaa) is the national trade association representing the advertising agency business in the United States. Sidekick An IAB Rising Star ad unit template initially displayed as one of three standard ad unit dimensions, but upon user initiation, pushes publisher content to the left to display a canvas of up to 970550 pixels full of rich interaction. API An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of commands, the language that programmers or developers use to communicate with a specific piece of software or hardware. Behavioral event A behavioral event is a user-initiated action which may include, but is not limited to: searches, content views, clicks, purchases, and form-based information. Barbara Kruger's type of graphic art is far more punchy and involves quite personal issues of self-identification and resonance. Article: "A brief workgenerally between 1 and 35 pages in lengthon a topic. However, most of the words and phrases found in Pop-art do not form the primary artistic component of the painting or print in question, and therefore do not constitute genuine "word art".

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Joseph Pulitzer 's, new York World and, william Randolph Hearst 's New York Journal. Ad recall A measure of advertising effectiveness in which a sample of respondents is exposed to an ad and then at a later point in time is asked if they remember the. Colorodo State University Libraries archives: ". MP4 A digital multimedia format used to store video and audio, but may also include features such as subtitles, chapter details, and other data related to the video or audio file. See the IABs Ad Unit Guidelines for voluntary guidelines defining specifications of button ads. Ad counting relies on the users browser to perform these activities. Advertiser The company paying for the advertisement. The web beacon will typically include user information like cookies on the http headers, and web site information on the query string. Ad targeting Delivering an ad to the appropriate audience. An annual containing miscellaneous matter, such as a calendar, a list of astronomical events, planting tables, astrological predictions, and anecdotes" (Definition from.

A distinct feature of the newspaper terminology definitions Billboard is a close button that a user may click to collapse the ad completely if the user doesnt want to see the. Progress Bar A video or animation control that shows users the progression of the video or animation in relation to its total duration. Mraid is a protocol that enables communication between an ad and a mobile application in order to execute interactions such as geolocation, ad resizing, and accelerometer functions among others. Ad inventory The aggregate number of opportunities near publisher content to display advertisement to visitors. Home, table of Contents, note: The following definitions describe terminology as it specifically relates to interactive advertising designed for Internet websites.

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CPU usage percentage can be measured directly, during the execution of newspaper terminology definitions an online. As the stream is played, the client may select from a number of different alternate streams containing the same material encoded at a variety of data rates, allowing the streaming session to adapt to the available data rate. Supports much higher data speeds than previous mobile networks, in some cases approaching wired broadband connections. Examples are client side counting and client side redirects. With the release of the Display Creative Guidelines in 2015, polite file load has been replaced Host-initiated subload. After Johns came the Pop-art movement with its use of mass-produced consumerist imagery, much of which included words and text. Rollover The willful pause of the users cursor on the target portion of the creative (the hot spot such pause lasting at least one second in duration, before an action may be initiated by the ad (i.e. Trigger an expand event, etc.). Ad request The request for an advertisement as a direct result of a users action as recorded by the ad server.

Bitrate The rate of bits processed per unit of time, commonly measured in bits per second (bps kilobits per second (Kbps or megabits per second (Mbps). Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog. Authenticated viewing When cable networks provide services where their customers can access television content online after logging in through a host site. During the late 1980s, the New York-trained painter and photographer Christopher Wool (b.1955) became famous for his word paintings (now selling for multi-million dollar prices typically consisting of bold, black stencilled letters arranged in a geometric grid, but with all punctuation removed and spacing disrupted. Cited in Oxford English Dictionary "Yellow" sense #3 a b c Campbell,. 19 The use of "yellow journalism" as a synonym for over-the-top sensationalism in the.S. 15 Hearst could be hyperbolic in his crime coverage; one of his early pieces, regarding a "band of murderers attacked the police for forcing Examiner reporters to do their work for them. Author: "The person(s) or organization(s) that wrote or compiled a document.

Mouse-over may NOT initiate audio play. F G, h I, j K, l M, n O, p Q,. Vaughn, Encyclopedia of American journalism (2008). Wood 2004 Swanberg 1967,. . The hotspot should never be larger than 1/4th the size of the original (collapsed) ad unit. The term "word art" describes a category of text-based postmodernist art employed by several contemporary artists since the 1950s. Clicking on it will take the user to a website. Mobile devices often exceed that at 300 PPI. Ad serving is normally performed either by a Web publisher or by a third-party ad server. It works by breaking the overall stream into a sequence of small http-based file downloads, each download loading one short chunk of an overall potentially unbounded transport stream.