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Essay on rights and obligation of parents

essay on rights and obligation of parents

Being a responsible citizen should not be a hard thing but it should be something which occasionally requires a little extra effort. YOU say that our laws are too old. Essay about young peoples health, essay about young people's health. Do we ever evaluate our attitude? Wear a helmet when we drive a two wheeler. To be a responsible citizen, we should help our communities and those who live in them. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! In particular, teachers are worried because when students get low grades, teachers are often blamed. So of course, because not all of them are legal obligations, being a responsible citizen is not as easy as staying within the law. More than 50 of its total population is between 20 30 age group, so it has immense probabilities of becoming a global powerhouse. Is this case similar to or different from the problem that the Illinois law was designed to solve?

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Read this story about a student and her parent in Florida. Petersburg, Florida, was put in jail because her third-grade daughter, age nine, missed 161 days (of 180) in the 1998-99 school year and missed 9 days of the first 19 school days of the school year. So why not be good leaders and enter politics and make a difference in the society? Criminals, by their very nature, are not behaving as responsible citizens. It does not means you have to sacrifice all your free time to volunteer or help others, but it does means taking a little time to think about the impact of your actions on others. Instead of going to polling booths. Why cant we be the one to follow it? I think that this problem extends far beyond traditional legal domains; and it should be re-evaluated through the whole complex of motivational issues, which may change fathers attitudes towards their daughters. It will be very difficult to get accustomed to this new change. A nation IS held together BY shared beliefs AND shared attitudes. The school principal, Terry Krasner, said, "The intent was never to see a mother in jail."The school tried to help Barbey and her child. Parents say that their children leave the house for school but just go somewhere else instead. In well developed countries childrens rights are among those with highest priorities.

essay on rights and obligation of parents

The leaders if not responsible will lead to failure of the team as whole. Do we ponder for a moment, how much effort it takes to build those structures? Material issues can be resolved, but they cannot improve the quality of relationships between fathers and their daughters. Destroying street lamps, burning tyres and vehicles, disrupting traffic are the common phenomena seen at the protest sites. So, volunteering for the Samaritans is a noble job to do and one which is certainly needed. A tree cannot nurture without the roots and the roots of this corruption are we the common man.

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Give him a face yours. The law may become the source of reliable and unbiased knowledge about the roles fathers play in their daughters lives roles that go far beyond primitive biological reactions. Material support required by law is not the ultimate source of moral and spiritual satisfaction for daughters. They prefer going to cinema or watching television. For example, if you have a compose bin but no plants to use the compost on, you could give it to people who have plants but live alone, making them less likely to generate a huge amount of compost themselves. Kids can sue their parents for bad care, parents must support their kids until they are at least eighteen years old and this support must be a quality one. YOU say that our government is inefficient. When we feel our values to be endangered we draw in the attention by retaliating in a particular way. So the youth of the country and the rich class need to show interest in voting and deciding the future of the country. But one place we can all start essay on rights and obligation of parents is in helping the environment. But in the interests of being a responsible citizen, this could include smaller things too. Most of the unpaid electricity and telephone bills even by people who can well afford to pay those few bucks are a bit astonishing.

essay on rights and obligation of parents

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A duty on the other hand, is an act of responsibility a task, but not necessarily forced. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each suggestion. We boastfully talk about the culture of sacrifice and forgiveness, respecting elders, honesty and truth, non violence etc. Law is a reliable basis for developing innovative approaches to parental roles in families, and while fathers do not display any willingness to change their attitudes toward their daughters, the law may help them adopt new approaches and philosophies in their closer relationships with children. For example, the court allows voluntary giving up of parental rights for other than adoption cases if it is convinced that a good and sound reason exists for this and it serves the best interest essay on rights and obligation of parents of the. The failure to meet any of these. YOU say that the phones dont work, the railways are a joke, the airline is the worst in the world, mails never reach their destination. You who will throw papers and cigarettes on the road the moment you touch Indian ground. This is because being a responsible citizen is, at its core, about being a less selfish person, and putting the needs of society before your own needs. As a country of energy, a country of youthfulness as a country of vibrant young engineers, dynamic technocrats, promising scientists, enthusiastic sportspersons, India has become the cynosure of world. "Cutting school" is a common practice for many students. YOU say that our country has been fed to the dogs and is the absolute pits.

Unfortunately, fathers are not always able (willing) to fulfill their parental obligations. YOU comeback to the parking lot to punch your parking ticket if you have over stayed in a restaurant or a shopping mall irrespective of your status identity. Something a person is bound to do a commitment or a requirement. Its all about changing our attitude. Write your three answers on the lines below. Be ready to give reasons to support your answer.

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But sadly some of them begin thinking about only when their child. We always cry about the prevailing sanitation problems in our cities. (2) may result in various kinds. These legal issues will hardly be resolved in the nearest future. Everyone has a duty to be a responsible citizen. Read the key word or phrase (in bold) in the left essay on rights and obligation of parents column. Discuss your answers about responsibility when you were a child. But it is not just the politicians the evil is rooted deeper in the society. Next Essays Related to Duty.

Got a writing question? While mothers are fighting to provide their daughters with continuous material and moral support, fathers may not display any willingness to develop closer ties with them. By this you are contributing in nation building and at the same time you are paralyzing the system of duplicity and cheating and finally you motivate creativity buying a pirated edition of a book. If we follow the rules in Germany cant we do it in our country? As responsible citizens, do we not have the right to fight against and root out corruption? So by living as environmentally friendly life as possible, essay on rights and obligation of parents we can help fulfill our moral obligations of being a responsible citizen.

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As Edmund Burke says- For evil to flourish, good people have to do nothing and evil shall flourish. That IS what giveation ITS tone, ITS fiber, ITS integrity, ITS moral style, ITS capacity TO endure. How do father parental rights and obligations impact the quality of the childs social development? Other social obligations of being a good citizen can include things such as helping local businesses. Werent we influenced by the inflammatory speeches that were deliberately made to create some fire? But, apart from these rights we also have fundamental duties which we rarely talk about. For example, it is my duty to keep my room clean, even though I am not made to. The law may become the foundation for reconsidering father attitudes towards daughters. It is forced and must be done, or your consequence could result in being evicted.

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Rather than going to school, students go to the mall, the beach, or a nearby friend's house. And they can be linked in with other obligations. Fathers invariably impact the quality of family relations between their daughters, mothers, and themselves. 3.6 Respecting Values The one thing every Indian is proud of is Indian culture, Indian values. We might have at some part of time or other complained of corruption all around and talked in great detail in a board room. (3) and civil liability for the. Laws exist to protect citizens, the communities they live in and their property. A duty, from the Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, is an assigned service; conduct due to parents and superiors. The law shrinks the role of father to a biological subject, but laws can also become the starting point for changing father attitudes towards their daughters.

Teachers are saying that they are not responsible for the poor grades that these students are getting. The incident mentioned above just shows how careful we are about our rights and not our duties. Parents love their kids without thinking «why» or «what for». Works Cited, archard,. We promote widely accepted beliefs, that parents are responsible for their children, and are obliged to take care of children, providing them with home, food, clothes, and various social opportunities. But what about childrens rights? Do you agree or disagree with the judges decisions to put the mother in jail? In Singapore you dont say anything, DO YOU?

The answer is either a clear No, or partial Yes. Dont use mobile phone while driving Dont drink and drive(so that you save your life and others life as well) Avoid overloading or riding three persons on bikes.5 Pirated CDs and Books We essay on rights and obligation of parents always cry for the prevalent. It also differs greatly when we are kids from when we are adults. But unfortunately, not everyone takes this responsibility seriously. Laws do not consider fathers to be directly responsible for their daughters wellbeing; rather, their parental responsibilities are limited to a set of biological functions (or better, gender and sexual reflexes) that result in the emergence. In fact, to be a truly responsible citizen, we sometimes must go out of our way to do things which help our society give a little of our time and effort for the greater good. If one starts before the green signal, others will automatically follow him, saying no one is following the rules.

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Respecting elders, honesty, veracity, non violence are some of the values of Indian Culture and these as such becomes a duty on the part of us to follow them if we really are conscious of our right to protect the Indian culture. I believe that with time our world will become even more civilized place and we probably wont even need those laws as people will realize the importance of childrens rights and simply wont violate them in any way. The law cannot make fathers maintain close relationships with their children; nor can the law push fathers to realizing the importance of participation in their daughters lives. When a parent has insufficient (17) resources for his or her own (18) and is unable to (19) his or her support because of sickness or (20) age, an adult child must provide (21) support to the parent. Qualified writers in the subject of philosophy are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. The Myth of Parental Rights. Other actions may. Ask our professional writer! War usually arises as a response to actions that. Speaking 3: your childhood. As a citizen of our country we enjoy the rights of a privileged citizen and often we complain of the governments inability to provide services. One person used our country and the President as an illustration. From my personal experience, fathers tend to display more tender attitudes towards their daughters than mothers.

3.3 Cleanliness/Showing Right Attitude. If you can essay on rights and obligation of parents be an involved and appreciative citizen in an alien country why cannot you be the same here in India. The young India is lost somewhere in this euphoric illusion. In an obligation, there is no room for a choice, although choosing not to take responsibility can result in poor consequence. So, being a responsible citizen can encompass things such as volunteering. The selection of this topic is slightly influenced by the speech made by our former president. As I was talking with people, a few mentioned some of the things they thought were considered as duty and obligation.