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Transfer factor research papers

transfer factor research papers

I admit I am less familiar with inserting redirects and so forth. Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 16:50, (UTC) Transfer factor research vs transfer factor marketing and sales edit More research (1000 papers ) has been published on transfer factors in reputable scientific and medical journals than most other immunomodulators. If allowed I will remove them. So while I think you are correct to label TF with a pseudoscience label to warn people against outlandish claims, I am not sure it is fair to imply all published papers on the immune molecule are fraudulent. Click on the "jump the queue" hyperlink and the 'bot will do the rest for you. The "secondary source" as you would call it it basically a blog with a list of published papers.

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Archived from the original. This includes things like varicella (which is actually a redirect so please link to chickenpox instead) and candida. By not separating the two you are playing right into that. If individual misses a dose, he/she should not double the dose. WLU (t) (c) Wikipedia's rules: simple / complex 01:21, (UTC) Pseudoscience edit An illustration from Aaron White's self published book A Guide to Transfer Factors and Immune System Health (Note: The image seems to show transfer factors. Sounds horrible, but think of it as the film that makes you read the book Based on some of the information I have found, I can start editing the page. I AM an expert on the science of Transfer Factor the cellular molecule working at the NIH and your page, as formulated, plays into the nonsense claims of companies by giving the impression they are the same. Whereas there is scientific literature on the effects of the immune molecule and I'd say stopped closer to 2001 (before restarting recently) rather than 1985. If you find an in vitro source you think is useful, even though primary, please bring it up on the talk page and we can discuss. 4Life Transfer Factor comes in a variety of delivery systems to make daily immune system support easy. Estrada-Parra S, Nagaya A, Serrano E, Rodriguez O, Santamaria V, Ondarza R,.

Since these are separate sections, transfer factor research papers it's a little easier to interstitch discussions. and this isn't an indication of even clinical efficacy. Four papers on the use of colostrinin ( transfer factors) for Alzheimer's disease were published in 2009. One study showed effectiveness in increasing white blood cells, CD8 lymphocytes and interleukin 2 levels among patients with HIV (6). Week 1: one gelcap per day, week 2 beyond: two gelcaps per day, cautions: Not indicated for use during pregnancy. Indeed, the newest review paper is a 2009 article by Aaron White from Duke University. There were efforts to change to DLE as a term since it was more accurate, but the big wigs writing papers at the time stuck with TF and thus we are stuck with it as well. These studies have demonstrated preliminary evidence of immune modulation as well as some clinical benefits in a handful of diseases, but the studies not been assessed beyond primary sources and the trials should only be considered pre-clinical.

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Primary sources should only be used for very good reasons, and I do not see the reason for including sources from 1980, 1996 or even 2002. It was later discovered that this Harvard researcher was faking his evidence. You may also speak with the person who referred you to 4Life to learn more. WLU (t) (c) Wikipedia's rules: simple / complex 17:30, (UTC) No one is making medical recommendations. The comments on human derived TF on WebMD has no source itself - but that being said, please read the WebMD page. But keep in mind that many scientific ideas are not repeated yearly. " Transfer factor -current status and future prospects". The Harvard fraud represented only a small of the TF research that was out at the time). I see there are similar snake-oil articles in Japanese and Korean. Lcdr IAM ( talk ) 20:11, (UTC) If you are a genuine expert interested in improving the page through wikipedia's processes, this is a good thing. All serious scientific research into transfer factor as "discovered" by Henry Sherwood Lawrence ended by 1985.

Of course, simply binding the epitope would not transfer factor research papers be enough; you would need an additional end of the molecule to signal through an immunologic receptor and thus the myriad of other explanations must be considered more likely for the results found in transfer factor research. While the research world was initially excited by the discovery of Dr Lawrence and the possibility that a small molecule could effect the immune system, the concept of small molecules having such profound biologic effect had not been proven. They carry important messages to immune cells. I am talking about this: They are an ancient part of the immune system and represent "an archaic dialect in the language of cells." The source doesn't seem to be publicly available, so I can't. Most recently, transfer factor has been harvested from sources other than blood, and administered orally, as opposed to intravenously. Please build a proper body; currently most of your edits have been to the lead, which is meant to summarize the whole article. That's neither a review article, nor a proof, and shouldn't be used. 4, a second use of the term transfer factor applies to a likely different entity 5 derived from cow colostrum or chicken egg yolk which is marketed as an oral dietary supplement under the same name citing claims of benefit to the immune system. A b c d " Transfer Factor ".

Free of: Eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, corn and transfer factor research papers gluten. 22 See also edit References edit Sell S (1996). Why vaccines are not the answer - the failure of V520 and the importance of cell-mediated immunity in the fight against HIV. Let's start a new section to discuss below. Lots of items were 'abandoned' in medical literature for a while before rediscovery. "A comparison of IgG and IgG1 activity in an early milk concentrate from non-immunised cows and a milk from hyper immunised animals". If you are unsure about any, feel free to populate such a section and I will look at anything you put. If I eat healthy foods, why do I need 4Life Transfer Factor? 5 20 21 The United States Food and Drug Administration regulates transfer factors as a dietary supplement 20 and has issued a warning notice to a website selling transfer factors that they have not been proven. Is the "review paper" the one from Explore! May I suggest we move on to the next section? Preceding unsigned comment added by lcdr IAM ( talk contribs ) 00:38, (UTC) It would be great if you could find a source that distinguishes between oral and injected, that alone would be very helpful. There is no systematic review as is being suggested.

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Interest has not "died" but is growing. This is a bit of an odd situation, editing in realtime is a little tricky. Why have they used such a generic name? 99.9 of research done on cell-derived TF has been injected. However, when you go to the PDR reference you link to it clearly states " transfer factors are sourced from the ultra-filtration of colostrum and from egg yolks.". A b " Transfer Factor ". I guess I'd argue that multiple trials showing the same thing should be okay - however, I understand and respect your concern. Preceding unsigned comment added by Aaronmwhite ( talk contribs ) Are you that Aaron White? Lcdr IAM ( talk ) 21:35, 10 February 2013 (UTC) May I add that what I heard was that Transfer Factor research stopped in the early 1980s because of the onset of HIV and aids and so manufacture or Dialyzable leukocyte extract was dangerous. 8 Despite several successes in using transfer factor to treat human disease and uncover immune effects, one then-prominent researcher was exposed for falsifying data related to his work on transfer factor and guinea pigs; effectively casting all of transfer factor science in a negative light. 10 The Inducer Factors translate an apparently mature immune response from the donor to the recipient.

4Life Transfer Factor works with your body's immune system in a unique way. This will result in an incomplete template that it says will be populated soon. Lcdr IAM ( talk ) 21:37, 9 February 2013 (UTC) Proving that transfer factor is bogus would be almost a as difficult as disproving cold fusion. I had never seen any discussion of the conflation between supplement and molecule, if you can verify this information with a specific source, that would be very helpful. Thanks for your assistance.

Transfer factor based nutritional supplements have become extremely popular throughout the world. What stopped it may have been a greater general understanding of cell-mediated immunity. So almost all of the clinical studies will be old. 4Life Research pioneered Transferceutical Science and the products that use this technology. Below are some popular 4Life Transfer Factor products: 4Life Transfer Factor RioVida Tri-Factor transfer factor research papers Formula is the only liquid transfer factor supplement in the world. Instead, theyre molecules that transfer immune memory and knowledge from one entity to another, and are part of a ground-breaking approach to immune system support. I'd say it is more of a case of parallel research that unfortunately uses the same term. Lcdr IAM ( talk ) 01:38, (UTC) May I suggest you try figuring out the WP:refname tags as well? The reason I wanted to separate out the immune molecule from dietary supplement is that ALL supplement claims are pseudoscience and have no evidence (other than that published by the companies selling it - which, of course, is always dubious). If there is nothing on TF in secondary sources, then that suggests the page will of necessity be quite short. Point out that the science of TF as a immune molecule is on going, but died out years ago.

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And for that matter, why did research seem to stop so suddenly, was it solely HIV? 5 When human- and bovine-derived transfer factor are generated from blood cells 4 17 they carry the potential for blood-borne disease such as HIV/aids and Hepatitis. What research has been done transfer factor research papers on transfer factors? I can correct this but can also make additional citation on possible side effects. Interest among consumers for products containing transfer factors has also increased, though it is important to note that the sale of transfer factors through multilevel marketing companies and research on transfer factors are separate issues. Until mainstream practice adopts the use of transfer factors, it should be portrayed as a fringe theory with minimal mainstream support. For transfer factors in mathematics, see fundamental lemma (Langlands program). 15 16 Blood-derived transfer factors edit Human-derived transfer factor appears to be safe for use for up to two years and bovine-derived cellular (from blood sources) transfer factor for up to three months. Contents, history edit, in 1942, Merrill Chase discovered that cells taken from the peritoneum of Guinea pigs that had been immunized against an antigen could transfer immunity when injected into Guinea pigs that had never been exposed to the. These products ARE NOT intended TO diagnose, treat, cure, OR prevent ANY disease. I don't think they predicted the absurd claims that would follow from the dietary supplement. Healthy foods provide your body with important nutrients that provide strength. (2009, isbn ) edit, see article about TF.713 ( niichavo ( talk ) 21:17, (UTC) t edit, transfer factor is currently being listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference.

There is no mention of medical treatment recommendations - this is a scientific comment. Even calling the transfer factor research papers supplement pseudoscience may be too kind since it is really snake oil with no 'science' behind it at all. I specifically outline that there is no connection between the cellular product listed in the first section, and the dietary supplement. The most important thing (and hardest thing for experts) is to stick to the sources. Read the very first citation provided and look at the picture imaged - they reference a form a transfer factor coming from lymphocytes. Yobol ( talk ) 19:46, (UTC) I understand that. WLU (t) (c) Wikipedia's rules: simple / complex 18:15, 16 February 2010 (UTC) The above summary is entirely incorrect, as a quick search of PubMed.