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Economics research papers on inflation

economics research papers on inflation

And through a series of tests Malik found that above hypothesis cannot be rejects owing to its strong and valid stance. Farmers who produce food-grains and other highly inflation-sensitive products are benefitted the most. The main features of this research includes the implication that the adverse effect inflation has on economic growth during a period of high inflation can only be controlled by improving the course of actions of all financial intermediaries (Li., 2007). Consumers: Inflation reduces the consumption of people. Make sure you explain graph and tables inserted in this section.

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Farmers in debts repayment repay their old debts along with the rate of interest as they get profits due to rising prices. There are two ways of thinking about the conduct of monetary policy that have been widely used in the recent literature. Its indicates that a significantly strong relationship exists between the two. (f) Prolonged industrial unrest resulting in reduction of industrial production. In such economies, rise in the price level may not lead to increase in production and employment because of certain constraints in production as, for example, shortage of technical and managerial skill, shortage of power, transport etc. Kinds of Inflation : (i) Demand Pull Inflation: This represents a situation where the basic factor at work is the increase in demand for resources either from the government or the entrepreneurs or the households. Since the Quantity Theory of Money also holds in the long run, this led him to believe and later on evidently prove that inflation is a monetary phenomenon (Kemal, 2006).Kemal argues that money supply does not have an immediate impact on the price levels. When there is an increase in costs of production, such as an increase in the price of raw materials, business attempt to pass them on to the consumer by raising the prices of their products. Recently, dozens of central banks around the world have introduced IT as their operational paradigm. Many early adopters of IT have been quite successful under the new monetary regime, but it has proven difficult to take a definitive stance on its overall effect. An example of this occurred in mid 2002. To conclude, we offer suggestions on how the IT consensus might grow and its prospects as a unifying framework for monetary policy.

The analysis was done on interactive dummies that represent political instability and induce high inflation. Keynes states that the rise in the price level upto the stage of full employment is a good thing for the country since there is an increase in output and also in employment. It is good thing to plan for a budget surplus during inflationary periods. Some critics of IT insist that insofar as the duration of actual inflation being off its target is uncertain, IT affords the monetary authority too much flexibility and is therefore destabilizing. The discussed literary findings proceed with the impact of inflation on the capital accumulation and the economic growth. Following classes of people are affected by it:. After New Zealand in 1990, a cascade of developed and developing countries followed, including relatively large economies, such as Canada and Brazil, and relatively small ones, such as the Czech Republic and Israel. The output gap term can be motivated by changes in the firms labor costs, whereas the cost-push shock is by changes in the markup that firms charge in excess of their labor costs. Matt Klaeffling and Victor Lopez Perez (2003 for instance, find that the presence of the zero bound implies that the optimal rate of inflation should be somewhat higher than in its absence, even if higher long-term inflation generates stronger macroeconomic volatility. The Price Index of Domestic Final Purchases analyses price changes on the demand side of the economy, which the Stage of Production Index analyses price changes on the supply side. During the course of conducting research, Kemal attempted to analyze and identify the impact that other factors, specifically change in money supply, would have on the rate of inflation.

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It is the result of economic forces. Although much of the Feds attention during the later part of 2008 was dedicated to the ongoing financial crisis, the minutes of the December 16, 2008, Federal Open Market Committee meeting reveal the participants deliberation whether a more explicit. Arguing from the position of an ECB board member, Jürgen Stark (2007) suggested that part of the reason why the ECB does not explicitly join the ranks of inflation targeters is in order to preserve institutional continuity with its predecessors. On the other hand, measures have to be taken on several fronts, monetary and nonmonetary, to fight. If there is an increase in the price of imported goods, importers will attempt to pass on the effect of higher costs onto consumers in the form of higher prices, leading to imported inflation. Just as the gold standard was renounced, the bank promised price stabilization using all means economics research papers on inflation available. In India, in order to protect the consumers from the evils of speculative activities, the government of India has given greater importance for the distribution of essential commodities through consumers co-operatives. Investors will reduce their demand for funds due to less profitability. This lead to further rise in price.

When its PLT policy was first formulated, the Riksbank was given instrument independencethat is, it could use interest rates any way it saw fit to meet the price level target set by the government. It is a situation where government does not make any attempt to stop rising prices. Conclusion The adoption of IT may very well be the most significant development in monetary economics over the last couple of decades. Implementing IT: Practice, new Zealand was first to set an explicit inflation target for the medium run. These findings lead us to posession of evidence relationg to the importance of monetary policy in affecting inflation which in turn effects the economic growth (Haider Khan, 2007). IT central banks seem to exhibit their most meaningful differences by the length of this lag. Causes of Inflation: Inflation in an economy arises on account of number of factors. This can only be said for the developed countries, where only one threshold is to be found which has proven to have any significance. This reduces inflationary expectations and (partially) offsets the effect of the cost-push shock. Speech at the. Creeping inflation is the mildest type of inflation. Friedmans speech almost perfectly coincided with the breakdown of the Bretton-Woods system in the early 1970s, in whose wake central banks were forced to design new operational paradigms for the conduct of monetary policy. The Causes of Inflation, demand-pull Inflation, when the level of aggregate demand exceeds the productive capacity of the economy, demand-pull inflation occurs, as output cannot expand any further.

Inflation targeting: Lessons from the international experience. The inflation targeting debate (nber Studies in Business Cycles. This results in increased cost of production without any increase in output. Another way that monetary policy has been modeled is by assuming that the central bank minimizes a discounted stream of weighted averages of squared deviations of inflation from its target level and economics research papers on inflation output from its target level (set at the potential level of output). This research, Inflation and Economic Growth is collected from a data of 90 countries that are developing and 28 developed countries besides them, over the period of in order to extract relevant evidence on the target relationship analysis. If you need help writing your assignment, please use our custom writing services and buy a paper on any of the economics research paper topics. The international experience with achieving inflation targets (IMF Working Paper WP/05/163). A study analysis of Relationship between inflation and growth is performed by Erbaykal Okuyan in their study Inflation in Pakistan in which the relationship between the inflation and the economic growth in Turkey has been examined for the data covering the period. Defendants supplemental memorandum of points and authorities (United States District Court for the District of Columbia, Civil Action. Since inflation was found to have a negative impact beyond a threshold level on the economic growth, therefore, the relationship was taken to be causal running from inflation to economic growth and not vice versa.

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The research may, however, also lead us into believing that inflation is a non monetary phenomenon due to its strong affiliation with changes in government infrastructure and political crisis. With monetary policy in action, the exchange rate shall no longer be able to offset the effect external shocks on the economy which leaves the SBP with nothing but to maintain price stability, which will ultimately prove to be the best. In practice, monetary policy affects macroeconomic activity with a lag, hence forming accurate forecasts of the future macroeconomic activity is of paramount importance. This further indicates and hence, implies that money supply growth is a factor contributor in rise of price level. It may also lead to an implication that government crisis rather than oil prices are responsible for the high inflationary pressure. The paper also reveals the findings of other research studies conducted n this filed and incorporating their results to conclude their own research, testing whether a momentous relationship exist between the two mentioned variables (Gokal Hanif, 2004). Available from 2004/200401032/m Bernanke,. Li, also finds that the policy makers should not keep inflation rate at zero as single digit inflation does not hinder rather even stirs up economic growth. This includes a number of factors that are a source of rise in price level like wages, exchange rate, external shocks, depletion of natural resources, taxes etc.

Even in developed countries, by changing the techniques of production, the level of full employment output can itself be increased and be adjusted to the increased aggregate demand. Meaning of Inflation: A rise in price level or fall in the value of money is often the result of the excessive amount of money, or excessive issue of paper currency and this is commonly referred to as inflation. Journal of Economic Literature, 37(4. The baseline version of this Phillips curve takes the form where t is inflation, B t1t is the expectation of next periods inflation based on information available at the present time period, (yt ytn) is the (log) difference between actual. Patriotic people are penalised. The Riksbanks PLT experiment ended in 1937 when monetary and fiscal policies were reorganized along Keynesian lines to pursue aggregate demand stabilization. Expectations also play an important economics research papers on inflation role in causing inflationary pressures in the country. Brazils inflation has fluctuated wildly through its diverse monetary regimes. When prices are expected to increase, consumers will purchase more goods. Similarly, other types of expenditure may be necessary to meet the normal requirements of the collective consumption of the community-defence, police, justice etc. The reduced consumption of the public or increased savings is termed as the phenomenon of forced savings.

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During this stage, the money supply fails to keep pace with the rate of increase of price level. Kemal found that an increase in money supply over a long period leads to high inflation. There is no one sovereign remedy to combat. The rise in prices must also be continuing; once and for all price increases are excluded. Using judgment in monetary policy through targeting rules. (e) Speculative hoarding by the producers, traders and middlemen in anticipation of a further rise in prices. The Swedish experiment was initially meant to be only a temporary break from the gold standard. The course of the research provided us with results that show that in the short run, there may not be a trade-off between inflation and growth, however, in the medium- and long-run, it blissfully exists. This brings us to reviewing a research by Vikesh Gokal and Subrina Hanif on Relationship Between Inflation and Economic growth. They are further benefitted as debtors as they pay back lower purchasing power to the creditors. In the 1950s and 1960s, macroeconomists rarely objected to linking unemployment and inflation with some linear relation and estimating the equations coefficients.

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This puts a brake on the economy. Entrepreneurs earn huge profits as the rise in the price will be more than the rise in the cost of production. But when large-scale speculation forced the authority to break their peg, the Bank of England experienced a great deal of exchange rate volatility and abruptly lost their intermediate target. Even in the long run this relationship holds significantly. Control of Inflation : Inflation is very complex phenomenon. In his celebrated presidential address to the American Economic Association, Friedman (1968) suggested that a monetary policy that actively tries to promote macroeconomic stability may actually disrupt it because of the poor quality of information available to policy makers. They tried to ground macroeconomic relationships in models of rational individuals and found Keynesian economics critically incomplete and misleading. Inflation is used to refer to such a rise in the price level after the economy has attained full employment in development countries like, India there may be heavy unemployment and under-employment and economic resources may not be fully employed. The research was conducted in the light of supporting fiscal dominance hypothesis in the determination of in inflation in Pakistans economy (Haider Khan, 2007). (iii) Role of Expectation: Inflation cannot be explained only in terms of excessive spending relative to available output. Inflation will force up nominal wages for workers, pushing them into higher tax brackets and therefore generating greater government revenue (Fiscal drag).

Inflation targets and the liquidity trap (European Central Bank Working Paper. The rate of change in the CPI is known as the headline rate of inflation since it covers the movement in the prices of a basket of goods and services weighted according to their significance in the average Australian household. In case government fails to curb running inflation in time, it may easily develop into a galloping or hyperinflation. We define inflation as rising prices, not as high prices. Fixed interest yielding bonds bring the same income but less purchasing power. The value of stocks held by the merchants increases during inflation. This type of inflation was experienced by India during the Janta Dal government regime (1989-91). One is due to the insight of John Taylor (1993 who pointed out that the Federal Reserve seemed to set the nominal interest in response to inflation and output gap. Some investment may increase, but it will be in speculation, eg property, rather than investment in productive capacity.

The Government may try to put an end to the wage price spiral by freezing wages. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Laurence Ball and Niamh Sheridan (2005) use a panel regression approach with 20 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, but find that an IT regime does not significantly improve the level or variance of output growth or inflation when. Creditors are at a loss during inflation as they receive money having less purchasing power. Inflation consists of a process of rising prices. Howe Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Several IT central banks are reforming their communications procedures to make their macroeconomic forecasts, as well economics research papers on inflation as projections of the nominal interest rate path to meet their stated objectives, publicly available. Inflationary conservatism on behalf of the central bank moderates inflationary expectations and brings about full employment at a lower rate of inflation. The effect seeps through the system to actually induce any change with a lag of at least a period of 3 quarters (Kemal, 2006). Unfair practices and social discontent become order of the day.