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Problem of young people essay

problem of young people essay

Problem of high unemployment is a serious issue in the whole Eurozone and the number of jobless people is still increasing. Moreover, the unemployment hits hardest the young population. The modern young man has become a rebel to society. Finally, the possible solutions will be introduced. Although some generational differences have existed throughout history, modern generational gaps have often been attributed to rapid cultural change in the postmodern period Culture is not merely an accumulation of works and knowledge which an?lite problem of young people essay produces, collates. To deal with stress young people should be taught how to share their bad experiences with their friends and family members. Moreover, after getting the education, they do not get jobs according to their ability and qualification. At the end of 2011, the youth unemployment rate1 was. These powers bloom and flourish in a free and unrestrained atmosphere. The youth unemployment rate remained stable in and never exceeded. It is the climate of their civilization.

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It is becoming obvious that many teenagers are likely to experience mental health problems, with one in 15 teenagers using harmful ways to cope with stress. They are very sensitive to cheating and fraud that is practised in the examinations. Finally, the possible solutions were introduced. The young man is conscious of overgrowing energy and power. As a result, some students might overwork themselves by studying throughout the week without taking a deserved break. According to a report by Spains National Statistics Institute, the number of unemployed Spaniards rose.

The last key protests problem of young people essay were taken place in Madrid (goodman 2011). They want to promote international understanding among different nations of the world. This results in arising new trend in Spain education. Emotional effects include depression and low self-esteem. Essay, problems of, young, people for Matric, Intermediate, 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA and BSC. They want to be accepted by their friends. Second part will be devoted to the consequences which the distorted labor market brought. 4 in December 2011 which is more than double the European Union average (govan 2012). Consequences There are several consequences which are more or less connected with youth unemployment. It is evident that many young people want to attain everything at once; this might be able to use tension that can result in stress. 2 The Spanish economy was hit by the world economic crisis relatively quickly.

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3 in the euro area (eurostat 2011). He loves violence and wants to lead a life of freedom. Apart from the global economic crisis, there are a few other reasons which have impact on youth unemployment. Most students fear failing a test or getting a lower grade in an exam, hence this situation might stress them. Sara Elder, Author of the report Global Employment Trends for Youth, said: I know that its not easy for young people but we should encourage our young people to not become discouraged, to keep themselves active. Rather, the media exploits youth in order to make money at the expense of their moral character.

Economic as well as social problems will be examined. They are against the deep hatred which lies among different countries. Teenagers want to fit in their peer groups. Many young people are likely to present symptoms of depression, especially during high school years. But for those who search for long term job, the part time jobs bring only little job security and few benefits which weakens corporate sector. Adults can counsel young people to help them release their emotions they are holding hence minimizing stress to a certain level. (Elder 2011) Conclusion The purpose of this paper was to investigate the problem of youth unemployment in Spain. Essay on Modern Youth. Thirdly, huge differences between euro-zone economies have shown up in persistent imbalances. Stress affects young people pushing them to commit crimes and make bad decisions that might affect their future, like dropping out of school and even committing suicide. Overall economic situation of Spain has a negative influence on the decisions of foreign investors to where direct their investments. Students tend to stay in education system as long as possible rather than searching for a job.

A plenty of people around the country can cooperate via Facebook or Twitter which leads to massive protests. Stress can also result in violence due to frustration. Due to recent economic crisis, which strongly affected Spanish economy, there was an enormous increase in youth unemployment which remains to be worst in the country? It is clear that between these two indicators exists a nexus. Firstly, the study will problem of young people essay focused on reasons why so many young people are out of work. These issues result in low government incomes and in rise of the public debt. The current situation brings not just economic problems but also social problems. Reforms are required throughout the euro zone. Private organizations can cooperate with universities and offer internships to the best students.

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Young people needs to know why stress can be detrimental to their health; they need to be educated on good time management and how to develop healthy relationships with their peers. Because its the lack of engagement that can create a sense of social discontent, a sense of detachment. Aspx The figure 2 shows unemployment rate of youth for the same period of time. Apart from economic consequences there are also social problems connected with high youth unemployment. Here is an essay on Modern Youth for students of different classes. The estimated GDP growth in 2011 is 0,8 (IMF 2011). Government is actively searching for solutions how to stimulate job growth and invest in youth. In 2008 the growth of GDP slowed and dropped to 0,9. Spanish companies and foreign investors postpone and cut their investments and do not create new working positions. There are several recommended policy measures for promoting youth employment (ILO 2011 Develop an integrated strategy for growth and job creation there is a need for a coherent policy framework, with measurable targets. This paper examines the problem of why so many young people in Spain are unemployed, although in many cases reached the tertiary level of education. The physical effects of stress include developing chronic diseases.

The critical situation is in Spain where every second Spaniard is out of work. He is thoughtless and foolish in many of his actions. Because some of these reasons, many young people find destructive ways to eliminate stress. Stress comes in many forms and affects young people in different ways. Finally, the youth should be the most determinant to find a job. Media has significant influence over the formation of youth culture. They keep long hair and smoke before their parents, teachers and elders. According to the latest research study, 1 in 6 young people experiences anxiety at some point in their lives. Figure GDP Growth ( change of GDP volume) Source: Author, based on data from Country statistical profiles: Spain http stats. We will write a custom essay on, problem of, young, generation specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, all communities have a culture. Today, teenagers spend more time in front of media than they do sleeping. They are against hypocrisy insincerity and falsehood in every field of life.

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They are trying to force the government to come up with quick solutions. Young people could not afford living on their own and have to move back to their parents. Even though it seems that Spanish economy is over the economic crisis, the youth unemployment has reached its peak at the end of 2011. They demand an end to artificial barriers problem of young people essay between the students and teachers. Adults like teachers play an important role in the lives of young people, they can help them understand and relate to their problems. To be young is indeed very thrilling. There are the physical and emotional effects of stress. 1 in the EU-27 and.

Spain experienced a housing bubble which was even worse than problem of young people essay the one. He lacks experience and maturity. T provide for their families. So, keep positive, keep engaged and push for a better future. Everywhere in the world, they are fighting for a change. They want to have a better world. The years of childhood and boyhood are a period free from earnestness and cares of life It is only in youth that one comes to taste some of the realities of life. The youth unemployment rate increased to a greater degree than adult unemployment rate which supported the premise that young people are more sensitive to economic recession.